All you need to know about new Chelsea signing Papy Djilobodji

Chelsea have been rather clumsy all summer, both on and off the field. Hence, they have to make do for some stop gap acquisitions for the squad. We analyze the players purchased or linked.

Pedro is certainly not one of those players that have come into the squad for the time being. He is sure to be a key player. It is for that matter only that Victor Moses has been loaned out yet again, to West Ham.

Papy Djilobodji is the new headache that commentators have to cope with in the Chelsea squad. He is a player who arrives for a mere £3 million. The price tag in itself clears any doubts about his stature in the dressing room. He is a fourth choice defender who will be banked upon in case of an emergency.

However, one simple look at the stats of the players would reveal that he is a quality addition to the squad that already features the likes of John Terry, Cahill and Zouma. He comes in for the specific reason to provide a back up to the named players. In the unlikely event where he replaces any of them, it would be more than Chelsea bargained for, in a positive way.

djilDjilobodji’s stats are from last season as he was yet to play any game for Nantes this season. Zouma’s are for this season where he is supposed to find his feet firmly. Don’t be surprised with the level of mature performances from the new acquisition of the Blues. He is already 26 and is by no means a young prospect that Zouma is. He is perhaps about to hit the prime of his career.

The Blues were able to buy him for such minimal change because his contract was due to expire next season. Even then, he would at best be a £10 million signing. Nothing to brag about. Despite that, the numbers seem to assure us that should the need arise for him to take to the pitch for Chelsea, he would prove an able deputy.

The Senegal defender has been capped 12 times for his country and stands at 6ft 4 inches. A player who has a strong left foot, his gifs already mock him to be Diego Costa’s partner in harassing opponents verbally and physically.

He was Nantes most consistent player and helped them to a very respectable defensive record into the French top flight. He is a player who has paved his way through the very roots of Football to the top.

Even last season, Gary Cahill was Chelsea’s best man when it came to interceptions. Papy has seemingly been better in that regard. Though French League numbers should not mean much in terms of judging his position in theChelsea squad, where he is the clear 4th choice.

He is certainly a physical and aerial presence at his position and would hold his ground and the ball. His job though is to not let any balls go past him and stats show that he is good at doing so. Yaya Toure apparently said this about the new Blue:

“I have seldom seen a defender with this good a left foot and right foot.”


The player himself had some declarations to make upon signing for Chelsea:

“I’m very happy to sign for a big club like Chelsea and I want to do my best to help the team win titles. I want to thank the club for giving me this opportunity.”



Let’s hope the Senegalese defender can make good on any opportunities that come his way for Chelsea. If anything, it is clear that Chelsea have filled a gap in their defence for the one year that it takes to persuade Everton to concede to selling John Stones. Until then Papy it is!

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