Radamel Falcao – I Will Score Goals For Chelsea!

Will we see the Radamel Falcao of Atletico at Chelsea this season? Most probably not!
Will we see a better version of Radamel Falcao compared to his time at Manchester United last season? Most probably, yes!

Radamel Falcao made his debut with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge by coming on for the last 10 minute against Swansea. The Colombian slotted in the lone striker role with Diego Costa and Hazard on his either side. We, somehow, needed a goal from the 29-year-old, to turn around our disappointing night into something of a celebration but alas! That didn’t happen!

But, then again, expecting a new player to make an impact in just 10 minutes might be an exaggeration. The movement, the intent was definitely there; the sharpness, not so much!

So, isn’t Falcao in his stride yet? Does he need more time?

Let’s hear it straight from his mouth:

“I think this group of players have largely been together for a while now and they know the style in which they play best.

“I am convinced the way in which these players deliver the ball into the area is going to enable me to do my job, which is to score goals along with the other strikers at this club.

“The opposition area is the danger zone for forwards like me and the way this team gets the ball into the area suddenly and at the right time is really good for me.

Amen to that!

“I was aware of how the team played from watching them last season and observing their approach. Obviously, once you are part of a team you get the chance to understand different things.

“I think it will take a little bit longer for me to fully understand everything because you need to play in a team to get to know everyone and all the processes of the team.

“Through pre-season I have started to know those things and with more games and more minutes, I will learn even more and we will get to know each other better.”

That makes sense! Yes, Diego Costa came out last season all guns blazing, but the Spaniard was lighting the world on fire all that time. Radamel Falcao, not so much! He has had a disappointing season at United and needs the confidence to get back some of his old form. That’s why, a bit of time makes sense.

Lastly, a word on the wizard that is Mourinho:

“I’ve always wanted to work with Mourinho. What strikes me is that he seems to be able to get a lot out of each player and the most possible out of everyone he works with, which is why I am excited.

“My personal goal is the same as the goal of the group and that is to win trophies both here and in Europe.”

Source – Standard

Yes! Trophies! I bet Arsene Wenger can’t even spell trophies!

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