Post Match Interview – Mourinho Talks About Pedro, John Terry And The Campaign

There is a sigh of relief among the Chelsea fans after grabbing three points at the Hawthorns. Although, the manner in which we did that still poses several questions. Still a 3 point is a 3 point, right?

The talk of the game has obviously been Pedro’s performance and John Terry’s red card. In the post game interview, Mourinho was asked to comment on the sending off and here’s how he replied in his sarcastic manner that has become synonymous with him:

“I prefer to have no views and try to keep quiet.

“Many people are disappointed with this result. They love Chelsea to lose a game.

On the question of whether we should appeal for the card:

“I think we should but normally it’s a waste of time,” he said. “No [I don’t blame Terry], it’s a ball into the space behind the full-back, the full-back is pressing high, the striker makes the movement and then Mr Clattenburg decides it’s a red card.”

It was a slight nudge on the back of Rondon by Terry who fell to a slightest of touches. The red card was a pretty harsh decision to be honest. It’s all a campaign, isn’t it?

In the hindsight, maybe Thibaut Courtois should have come forward to sweep the ball when he saw Terry one on one with Rondon, but that doesn’t matter now.

Mourinho was obviously excited on his side’s first win, though:

“I am so happy that the players got what they deserved.

“[But] if we are happy with the start to the season, we are ready to go home.

“The performance was not dramatic, and not bad, but obviously four points in three matches is not enough. There is a feeling we are fighting against a lot but today we won.”

Lastly, a word on Pedro, who was responsible for some of our brilliant play forward. The former Barcelona winger looks to have fitted right in at Chelsea which is a good news for the team:

“Pedro played well. We know he is a good player, more than good.

“There are lots of top players who come to the Premier League and it takes time to adapt but it looks like he has been with us for a long time because straight away he was in the game and he was important.

“A hard worker? This is Pedro. I played in the same league (in Spain) as him for three years so I know him well.

“This is why for so many years he wins cups and plays for one of the top teams in the world. Everyone who has shared a dressing room with him speaks well of him.

Source – BBC

It wasn’t one of our best performances and we still looked shaky in the back and in the Central Midfield, but the 3 points have surely lifted the morale of the team. After all it’s all about momentum! Hopefully, we can build on this win with some good performances in the next few games.

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