“Pedro Will Be A Success At Chelsea” – Thierry Henry

The arrival of Pedro has taken the whole of Europe by storm. The Spaniard who was previously United-bound surprisingly sealed the deal with the Blues in a matter of hours! That’s what you get when you have a boss like Jose Mourinho and an owner like Roman Abramovich, who love to troll their rivals!

Now, the United fans might be acting weirdly after the embarrassment they suffered by our hands, but the truth is, Pedro Rodriguez is a world class player who will improve our team considerably, going forward. If there was still any doubt to that, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry makes sure their ain’t:

“He pressures from the front, but he’s also the player that any manager would love to have. You know what you’re going to get with Pedro, always 100 percent.

“The way he plays, the way he trains, he doesn’t talk, he doesn’t create any problem for you, he’s a team player who had exactly what you would love to have as a teammate, as a player, or if you’re the boss.

“He can adapt to the English system. He won’t have to learn, he will understand staying wide, putting pressure and all that type of thing from the front and the first time I saw him he was already on point.

“I think he can be a success. It depends on how the team is going to gel, and how he has to adapt to the Premier League. But he is definitely a great teammate to have, he’s won everything in the game.”

Source – Mirror

Sounds like he will fit right in!

Thierry Henry is one person I love listening to. One of the best strikers in the world, the Frenchman has surely got the brains, as he understands the game and talks sensibly rather than being a biased football pundit. If he says those things about Pedro, I tend to believe them, meaning, we have got a brilliant player on our hands to finally kick start our campaign!

Oh, and I hope Pedro scores a goal next time we play at Old Trafford just after Radamel Falcao completes his hat-trick! Is it too much to ask for?

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