Jose Mourinho Clears The Air Over Roman Abramovich

As we know, Jose Mourinho’s first stint at Chelsea was marred with a lot of controversies.

As a Chelsea fan, we enjoyed it when the self-proclaimed “Special One” destroyed the opposition managers through his words in the press-conferences and his shrewd tactics on the pitch. It was a golden era for our club until, the Portuguese had a disagreement with the owner, Roman Abramovich, over some issues.

The arrival of Shevchenko against the wishes of Mourinho (he reportedly wanted Samuel Eto’o in the squad) seemed to have triggered the dispute and ultimately Mourinho left the Stamford Bridge.

Few years later, now “The Happy One” returned for his second stint at his long-lost home, but the question remained; how can two big egos exist together?

As it stands, Mourinho seems to have resolved all his issues with the Russian owner and this statement just reiterates that fact:

“In my first period, my personal relationship [with Abramovich] was very good [but] professionally we had some interferences and a bit of a disagreement with some ideas.

“In this moment we don’t have this problem. When I left Real Madrid to come here, Mr Abramovich asked me to fight for titles.

“In my first season we were almost there, in my second season we did it and in my third season if you are close, you can always do it.”

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It’s good to know that all the issues have been resolved at this moment. Having Jose Mourinho around for a long period of time is only gonna help Chelsea Football Club establish itself as the superpower in the world football. Hopefully, the self-proclaimed “Happy One” stays with us for a long, long time!

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