Blues of Trebles and Troubles

Of all the ways in which the season could have started, this is not the worst for Chelsea. For one, it is only the beginning, and there is plenty of time to make amends. Besides, every team is bound to have some drops in form over the course of the season. As they say, its a marathon and not a sprint.

Barcelona, a name that almost universally garners the despise of most Chelsea fans has some lessons to teach everyone who has pressed the panic button or is about to. For one, Chelsea are managed by the best manager in the league who has just won the league title. Though they say, you are the most vulnerable just after scoring, he is not the kind to wait and watch. He must be working his magic to get the desired result against baggies and thereafter.

Surely, the likes of Ivanovic and Terry might be ageing and slow, but they were the best right and center back(s) of the League only last season. Counting them out or calling for their heads of all people is absurd after two disappointing losses.

To put all this in a better perspective, know that at least a few more signings are right around the corner. Few could be anything equal to or more than two. That is not counting Baba Rahman. Mourinho would also have galvanised Fabregas and Hazard to the levels that we are more accustomed to rather than the ones on show in the last two games.

All in all, if people can stop shouting and speculating and start observing, things would rather turn sweeter in due time. Especially now that the completely unwarranted chaos about doctors and physios is over. This is not mere hope doing the talking. The evidence lies in last season’s treble winners’ story.

They did not suffer a defeat until they met their main rivals in Real Madrid, just as Chelsea did against City. The loss was followed by another unexpected loss to Celta Vigo by a one-goal margin. Barcelona slipped to fourth in the league table that week and stayed behind the Madrid club until game week 26. Real Madrid suffered defeat at the Calderon by four goals and were still en route to becoming Champions until their campaign was derailed by none other than Athletic Bilbao.

The shortcomings of Real Madrid fueled the rise of Barcelona to the number one spot once again. Real had the chance to beat Barca in the second El Classico of the season at Nou Camp but they failed to do so. Barcelona took the lead and happily kept it that way till the end of the season. They won the League title by just 2 points. It goes to show that no one is invincible, even if they are the European Champions. Manchester City are still, well, City.

Barcelona’s success story might not be liked by most Chelsea supporters but there is the inspiration and hope to some extent that can be drawn from their glorious campaign. They were a team under a new manager who had come in place of an ailing Gerardo Martino. It was not the most well-planned campaign, even Suarez debuted in the first Classico but once things started to click, they looked and were unbeatable.

So for Chelsea, five points behind City is not as big a doom and gloom situation as the media is making it out to be. If things can be sorted out in a good manager, of which there is ample chance it could yet be a very credible title charge. The likes of Burnley could startle the defending Champions last season, there is no reason to think that Saints and Stoke can’t lend a helping hand to us. Besides, City still have to make the trip to Stamford Bridge as well as the Emirates.

It’s a long season, and a lot of games are yet to be played, the last game was no title decider. It only served to remind the men in Blue of the great task at hand. Mourinho’s men have a habit of rising to the occasion, none more so than Terry and Ivanovic. Against all odds, these men can rally.

As fans, we need to keep our nerves calm and take it one game at a time, starting with the Hawthorns. Aguero is bound to be injured during some games of the season; that is just what Aguero is. Yaya Toure and Kompany may be in great form right now, but they will have there Terry and Ivanovic moments too.

City will lose games too, but perhaps the media won’t go bananas over it. It will still be the same, time for Chelsea to take advantage. All we need to do is keep calm and win the matches as they come. The rest will sort itself out. Mourinho knows that and the distracting media knows that too.

The media needs a special mention at this point because with a lack of any real stories they have to cook some by themselves, and nothing sells sweeter than the crisis at the most hated club/manager duo. Some pieces are outright ridiculous, and it is only good results that will make them go away. So, I for one can’t wait for the game against West Brom.

I’m unsure if Chelsea can win the treble like Barcelona with this squad, but they will certainly brighten up and give a very fair fight to anyone who wants to clinch the title from their grasp. It is too soon to write off the Champions, even more so with Mourinho in charge. Two wins, and this will all go up in smoke or may be not. But then again, how can there be Chelsea and Mourinho without some media stories flying around. Maybe someone will figure out that losing the opening points was a tactic all along to fool others.

What about you? Do you feel Chelsea have already lost the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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