Arsene “The Best In The World” Wenger Destroys Mourinho With His Mind Games

Our sarcastic take on the Specialist in failure trying his luck yet again to outwit Jose Mourinho only to fail miserably. After all, that’s what he is great at, not mind games.

After “one-upping” Jose Mourinho by winning a treble even before the start of the season, Arsene Wenger is now trying his hands on Portuguese’s mind games!

Frankly, I feel like the most embarrassed person on the planet right now!

I was probably the biggest “Wenger basher” until a couple of months back. I would bash him for his lack of (any) trophies. I would bash him for his childish tactics. I would bash him for his inability to acquire a World Class (even decent?) Defensive Midfielder. But that was only till a couple of months back.

This season something changed! This season, Arsene Wenger got resurrected! The Frenchman came back from the dead! The 65-year-old impressed everyone by completing a treble, that too in the preseason. The fear in the opposition manager’s eyes could be seen even from a distance, as the fans trembled with was about to come.

The echos of Arsenal fans singing “This is our year” were heard all over the world. Even the Manchester United fans had to take a back seat amidst this storm ( and that’s saying something)!

Just when everyone was pleading for mercy, Arsene Wenger was back; this time with a bombshell of mind games with an intention to destroy Jose Mourinho and Stamford Bridge.

Amidst the Eva Carneiro and Jose Mourinho controversy, Arsene Wenger questioned the “Unity” inside the Chelsea’s dressing room:

“It is a problem inside the club that if you are not united it is more difficult. It is the trust and unity that makes the strength.

“Firstly I have not followed that as you know I do not have great interest about what is going on at Chelsea.

“Secondly the rules are quite clear that when the referee gives an indication that the medics can come on they come on. It is the referee who makes the decision.”

Source – the Guardian

It’s still unclear how Jose Mourinho would be able to cope against Wenger’s dangerous mind games. The news coming from the Bridge is that everyone is shuddering with fear and depression while, few players have refused to come out of their bed after claiming to suffer a serious case of trauma.

The likes of Fabregas are already trying to find a way to get back to the Emirates while, reporters claim they saw Ivanovic and Diego Costa sobbing around a corner.

The dark time looms over Stamford Bridge!

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