A Shrewd Way to Get Stoned!

Chelsea have finally awakened from their summer slumber and are now actively taking part in rejuvenating the squad that looked tired and streched last season. Pedro seems almost a done deal and John Stones seems the next stop. But there might be a twist to the transfer of the defender.

Pedro is bound to be a candidate for the Right Wing. Currently owned by the hard working Willian who can be deputised by not one or two but four players, one of them being a duck. Bertrand Traore, Kenedy, Cuadrado and Victor Moses are those four wingers. That’s too many players for one position, even if half of them are yet to make a start.

It has been speculated that Juan Cuadrado may be loaned after failing to impress so spectacularly since his arrival in January. Clearly, everyone wants to see the back of him after what he has done on the pitch. But Mourinho has been adamant since the beginning about him being a quality player. He might as well go a step ahead to prove his point by not letting go of the Colombian.

It could also be possible that Chelsea take a hit and sell Cuadrado for a cut price deal to one of his Italian admirers. The typical method of dealing with Italian clubs is to loan with an option to purchase and that is perhaps what Juventus might do.

But if some people are to be believed, John Stones might come to the Bridge at expense of another Right Winger. The saga of Stones to Chelsea has been the most tiring this summer. Everton have been naughty, greedy and ridiculous in equal measures. But that has not deterred the Blues from persuading the young English center back who in essence would be John Terry’s replacement.

Roberto Martinez remains adamant that he does not want to sell his young center half. His board has been playing hard ball with Chelsea, rejecting every bid and raising the price on every instance. The current demand stands at a hefty £40 million pounds. That is David Luiz territory but John Stones is the necessary evil for Chelsea. The holes in the defence very much evident against City.

While every one expects Cuadrado to make way for Pedro in the squad, take a moment and consider the fact that Moses could be part of a part cash-part exchange deal with Everton. It would bring down the price of the Stones deal by a good few millions, clear a place on the squad for Pedro as well as allow for Mourinho to test his faith with the Duck or whatever he wants of him.

We have already seen that Moses is an asset to any mid table team (sorry Martinez, but that’s what Everton is). Evidence lies in his stint at Stoke, where Mark Hughes still vouches for the Nigerian. He was one of the best players in the league and has shown some of his pace and power for Chelsea in the preseason. Being on the scoresheet against PSG has only helped him.

Moses has been dropped by new Nigeria head coach. It is only natural that he feels its important to keep his spot for the nation. He has made twenty four appearances for the Nigerian National team and it would be too premature to be dropped off it. In order to win that place back, he must play regular football. The promise of regular appearances will be remote at the Champions and perhaps Moses will look for a club that offers regular starting spot to him to help win the National call up.

However, there is still doubt about his usefulness to the Blues. He might be an asset to mid table teams but he is certainly not the player Chelsea believed him to be when they purchased him from Wigan. Mourinho is not a man who likes a very large squad, he never had one. There is no reason to believe that this season he would. Just the one favourite and the preferred backup.

For the Right Wing that combination now seems to be Pedro and Willian in no certain order. Who will start and who will be benched is unknown. Besides, for the occasional cup game, Mourinho would want to give the likes of Kenedy and Traore the chance to shine. In stead of having a costly option on the bench/squad.

Besides, what happens with Cuadrado will still remain a mystery until the transfer window closes. Because stories keep resurfacing about him being linked with a move away from the Bridge. Perhaps that is what would benefit everyone.

As for the John Stones deal, including Moses would be a cunning move from the decision makers at Chelsea. It would save some money for them, help find a destination for an un-important squad player as well as free some wages. There will not be a better alignment of good things associated with this transfer.

What would want the Blues to do in this case? Let us know in the comments below!


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