Jose Mourinho Recalls FIFA Coach of The Year Controversy

In mostly unrelated news to Chelsea Football club, Sepp Blatter resigned as the FIFA president in the week that’s just gone by. He had been in charge since the late part of 90s. Although the Swiss official swore to vacate the post during his last campaign, he did a U-turn and stood again, amidst criticism from UEFA and several others.

His resignation came in the wake of several FIFA officials being arrested in Switzerland, led by the FBI. Latest reports have been casting doubts over the next two World Cup hosts. I wonder what would happen to the “Vagina Stadium” (Al-Wakrah sports stadium) that Qatar has been building for 2022.

Nevertheless, Blatter is almost part of the past, just as Real Madrid is to Mourinho. It must be noted that in his second campaign with Madrid, Mourinho broke several records on his way to breaking Barca’s dominance for the first time in years. It was for that feat that he was nominated for the World Coach of the year award. Which he lost to Del Bosque by a few votes. Mourinho had on record questioned the award even then. Blatter’s resignation and the FIFA fiasco has encouraged the Special One to once again recall the event and shed some more light on the matter. Some glaring insights follow in his quotes as reported by ESPN FC.

“In 2012, I was one of the three finalists and when I was told I was finishing second with a few votes behind the first, it looked normal to me.”

Nothing fishy until that line, but what follows can be quite a revelation. It highlights the fact that corruption was rampant in almost every organ of the FIFA body. How they governed football this way for years is questionable at the least and scandalous at best.

“But then the votes were made public. And my former player, a national team captain, called me, ‘Mister, there is something wrong. Because obviously, obviously, I gave you the vote, then in the list they put another coach’s name and that was not me.”

Allegedly, It wasn’t just one person’s vote that was cancelled. Mourinho’s players are known to love him. Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Zlatan have all professed their love of the special one. It would not take a scientist’s mind to guess that given the choice who would they have voted for. Jose quotes another unidentified national coach in his following comments:

“A few minutes later my Portuguese friend, a national team coach, called me, ‘Mister, don’t believe what you see in the list because obviously I vote for you.”

“And a few minutes later I got a message from another national coach, ‘they changed my vote.”

Clearly, it was not just a couple of votes that were altered, it was many. Significant enough to perhaps change the outcome of the vote. This is why Mourinho came out and objected publically. It seems the special one is unaware of the culprits, or if he is aware, doesn’t want to name them directly.

“Who changed the vote? His federation? FIFA? Who?”

“It is not a drama. A drama is other things but at that time I said, ‘from this moment I don’t go back’ because obviously something happened.”

This is where you are certainly wrong Mr. Football. It’s all a drama right now in FIFA. Everyone has played their parts.

It seems unlikely that those results will be reversed, but given the circumstances, anything can happen through the investigation that is ensuing. U.S.A and UEFA have somehow waged an unofficial war on Sepp Blatter and his aides.

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