Why Petr Cech Should Stay At Chelsea?

It has been a tremendous season for Chelsea winning the Premier League and the Capital One Cup.

It is now time to look ahead and look at the squad for next season. There are certain tough decisions that need to be made on how to improve an already stellar looking squad. The objective for next season should obviously be challenging for both domestic and European trophies which is normal for the stature of a club like Chelsea.

The first big question is what should be done with Petr Cech. He is, without a doubt, a club legend and will go down in history as one of the best players to have adorned a Chelsea jersey. But it is very important that his situation is handled with utmost care.

There are three scenarios to consider:

1) He stays at the club, occasionally plays for the first team, as Mourinho does tend to rotate his players. It would come at the risk of being remembered as a number two or someone who is past his prime that is certainly not the case, given his performances of late. It would also be a waste of such good talent on the bench.

2) He leaves the club for a foreign club for more game time and becomes the first choice keeper in a different setup.

3) He goes to a rival Premier League club that would taint his image among Chelsea fans and leave a bitter taste in the mouth. The Chelsea fans understood Lampard’s decision because he did not choose to go to Manchester City but Petr Cech choosing to go to a rival club can be possible blasphemous.

It would be unfair on the part of the club to let a long time servant be unhappy. The Czech shot-stopper has been a great performer, a leader and has been dislodged from the first team through no fault of his own. However, it is necessary to remember that the club is bigger than any individual player and it is not the first time that a top team has had two top quality goalkeepers on its books. Another important aspect to note is that Cech constitutes a significant part of Chelsea’s wage bill. It would be undesirable to have a second choice keeper with such a high wage as far as the FFP rules are concerned. The fact of the matter is that Cech is, unfortunately, surplus to requirements at Chelsea.

That being said, most Chelsea fans would not be happy to see the six-time Czech footballer of the year leave Stamford Bridge. He has been an iconic player for the club and has been an integral part of the team for the better part of the last decade. Seeing him go would surely be a sad sight. All is not done and dusted yet, and we still hope he stays at Chelsea next season.

Here are five reasons why Petr Cech should stay at Chelsea:

1. He can be a Chelsea legend. He has never been in a situation where he has not been the number one keeper in his 10 seasons at the club. So, he has never had to make a choice about his Chelsea future. He has an opportunity to showcase his loyalty and forever be remembered as a Stamford Bridge icon and arguably the best goalkeeper to play for Chelsea.

2. For any player that starts his career, his dream is to win medals and trophies. At a club like Chelsea, Cech will be able to challenge for top honors and add to his fine collection of medals and trophies.

3. A top club like Chelsea would not allow Cech to leave for a Premier League rival, so it narrows down Cech’s options significantly. All the top clubs have their number one goalkeeper slots already filled, and it would be a major step down for Cech to go any club outside the Premier League.

4. The current Chelsea team is filled with young talent brimming with confidence but what they lack is a mature head that has seen it all. Cech has been a part of many title-winning sides and is a leader in the true sense of the word. With Lampard already gone and Drogba in the twilight of his career, it is imperative that Cech provides that stability with his leadership both on and off the pitch.

5. There are few managers in the world that can forge deep bonds with their players. Mourinho is second to none when it comes to treating his players like family. Cech is no different in this situation where his relationship with the manager is really strong. He knows that his association with Mourinho is rare, something that he should also consider before making a decision.

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