Couple Of Academy Stars Set To Start Against West Bromwich Albion

The five years wait for the Premier League title is all but over at Stamford Bridge. The Blues are at the top of the league and have already won the most coveted trophy in the country under Jose Mourinho.

As for other competitions; well, we already wrapped up the Capital One Cup couple of months ago, while, I would prefer not to talk about the Champions League and FA Cup and leave it for the next season, when we have some quality depth to seriously challenge on those fronts.

For now, we are left with two games (more like pre-season matches) in the Premier League and with nothing much to play for (although, we were still pretty motivated against the Scousers), it’s perfect time for Mourinho to try out the fringe players along with few academy kids.

Obviously, Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world and there’s no point arguing on that front, but, if there’s one thing he has been criticized for in his career; it has been his lack of squad rotation and the lack of opportunities to the academy players.

In his defense though, he hasn’t spent enough time at a single club to really integrate academy products into the starting eleven. But this time it’s different. The Portuguese looks like a man with a purpose who is prepared to build a dynasty that will last longer than Liverpool’s Premier League trophy drought. Hopefully! And with that in mind, Mourinho is ready to give the talented academy stars a chance at the top flight to promulgate their potential to the world.

As we have seen all year, there has been a lot of hype regarding Ruben Loftus-Cheek, with Mourinho confirming that the Englishman would be fighting for the starting spot next season. With the season almost over, it made perfect sense to start him against a very good Liverpool side and, fortunately, the kid didn’t disappoint.

Yes, there were nerves early on for the youngster and sure he is still raw and has to work a lot on his positioning in the midfield (defensive and offensive, both!) but the kid oozes talent, as was evident with some of his tackling and interceptions last night. A promotion from the academy to the top flight is always a big step for an 18-year-old and hopefully he will come good.

Apart from RLC, there are also few other talents who need to get a look in and, fortunately, Mourinho thinks the same way too. According to the manager:

Wow! A start for Nathan Ake and Izzy Brown along with RLC? What more a fan can ask for? Unless the fan is a Gooner and, in that case, a freaking trophy!

So, it seems like our pre-season has started much earlier than expected. RLC, Ake, Brown (hopefully Christensen and Solanke) are all set to start for the Blues in the next couple of games and that’s a brilliant news for the fans and the players involved.

Hopefully, one or two of them impresses enough to be a first team regular next season!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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