All Your Midweek Chelsea News!

In case you have not been able to follow your beloved Blues this past week, here’s every off the pitch news as well as rumor related to Chelsea Football club.

What better way to start off the day with transfer rumours? However, the latest rumours coming in regarding Chelsea are not so pleasing from a Blues’ perspective. Jose has already said he is powerless to prevent Cech from joining a Premier League rival and now his agent has spoken up. The man of the moment is Mr. Viktor Kolar himself, Cech’s very own Jorge Mendes, and he believes big Pete is headed to Old Trafford, or the Emirates or even Parc des Princes. You already know who resides in the first two stadia, and the last one is home to one P$G in case you didn’t know. Now I don’t know why Cech’s only interested in the most bitter of rivals here, because, only Barcelona would be a worse choice in place of the club from Paris. There you have it, the three most hated clubs for a Blues support and clean sheet Pete wants to join them. Alright. As for the proper statements,  this is it.

The other rumor that has persisted for some time now is the one about the very own Oscar Dos Santos. Yeah, the one who wears the Lampard jersey these days. He’s rumored to be the one whose head would be on a plate if Mourinho decides to go for someone like, say, Paul Pogba or Antoine Griezmann. However, that is not as close to the truth as the ones about Cech or Drogba.

All right, Drogba will also be leaving at the end of the season, most probably. The veteran of a 100 battles wants more. Apparently, Mourinho can’t take him to his most important battles. Because, obviously, at 37 and counting, not all of his canons are firing at full power. So yeah, he is going, perhaps. Again. Let’s make and watch more of those Youtube tributes!

Apart from those silly rumours, you must have heard about this hilarious incident that happened last week. Apparently, Cesc Fabregas, midfielder of the Blues in Yellow, threw a large dagger from an edge of the box towards the referee. It hit a baggies player and left him to bleed to his death. Fabregas was convicted for first-degree kick and was awarded a red card with a three-match suspension. That would have seen the Spanish playmaker miss the first two games of the next season.

However, the referee has had the chance to get out of his hang-over and have a normal look at the incident. He thinks it was not a dagger or a javelin anymore. And apparently, nobody bled. So he decided it was violent conduct no more. No more three game ban, Fab. You are a free man next season. The last game? You still miss it because I’m the referee, you Foulgas!

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