3 Years Before – Reliving The Glorious Night of Champions League [Blue Poem]

Reliving The Glorious Night of Champions League

We had outclassed,
we had survived,
we had escaped,
but we had thrived!

We had surpassed every
hurdle in our way,
to be able to make it
to that very special day!

After being heart-broken
and our eyes pretty numb,
for ages we were waiting,
this day to come!

For inches we were
defied for years,
leaving us pain ridden
in enormous tears!

The tale this time
had a different end though,
as it was going to
end all our misery and woe!

The allianz was ready
for their own men,
Di Matteo’s boys had
entered the lions den!

Munich was ready
and so were we.
as we played The Bavarians
in their own city!

The crowd was theirs
but ours were the stars,
the stadium was theirs
but the trophy was ours!

After excelling past
the different stages,
it was time to script something
which shall be sung for ages!

The hosts in red
dictated the start,
but we never looked
likely to be torn apart!

The foe was bossy
they made us look lame,
our approach was clinical
like a typical away game!

Our patience paid off
with our first chance,
as the whole of the Allianz
was put in a trance!

That was all little,
we could manage in the first 45,
with the ref’s whistle
the half arrived!

Second half started as
the replica of the first,
as the Blues looked short
of appetite and thirst!

The pressure kept mounting
on both the teams,
as it clearly was the
Battlefield of their Dreams!

The pressure paid off
of the Allianz roar,
as the home team went on,
in the night to score!

A bouncing header had put
the foe ahead,
on our date with destiny
the first blood was red!

My heart was almost
in my mouth,
as we were trailing,
down and out!

I was heart broken
drenched in tears,
the pain in Moscow,
cried back in my ears!

But cometh the hour,
cometh the man,
The King certainly had
another plan!

He replied with one vicious
head of the ball,
what happened next
I need not mention at all!

He just posed
an emphatic reply,
as it was now the
turn of allianz to cry!

90 minutes couldn’t
separate the two,
as 30 more
they had to pull through!

The start of the extra was worse
than I ever thought,
as the referee pointed
to the penalty spot!

My lungs had run
out of their depth,
as our guardian
leaped to his left!

Making a
“Once in a lifetime save”
one certainly the Blue
fans did crave!

After that the tempo
got slow and thinner,
as even the extra
couldn’t produce a winner!

Both the coaches started
making their picks,
as now the title
was to be secured on a few kicks!

It gave another fright
to my wrecking heart,
as again we were lagging
right from the start!

The nets were shackled
as the kicks were taken,
not a single striker
looked to be mistaken!

It was finally level
begging again,
as the fourth home team’s
strike went in vain!

The Blues capitalised
on this little opening,
as home voices ceased
& the Blues started singing!

Then came the moment
to last a lifetime,
as Bastian committed
the forbidden crime!

Our guardian saved
emphatically the last strike,
which left the whole
Allianz stunned in surprise!

It was then the King’s
turn to seal the glory,
as he added the final
stroke to the success story!

A moment which couldn’t
be described in words or rhymes,
a scene to be watched
infinite times!

As the ball slowly
rolled into the net,
every Blue heart was ecstatic and
every blue eye was wet!

He never ceased his
victory lap,
what a way it was to
mark his last cap!

“Being a European Champion”
wasn’t anymore a mystery,
the biggest and the brightest
day in our century old history!

It was the deceit
of the dusk & arrival of the dawn,
as the blues went
Marching on on on!

We’ll cheer for you
time and time through,
Cause our colours are true
when dressed in blue!!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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