What Next For Petr Cech?

Petr Cech, an ‘institution’ as described by none other than the special one a few days ago, is all set to end his 11 year Chelsea career at the end of this season.

His loyalty towards the club is going to be rewarded with a move of his choice in the coming summer transfer window. He has been linked to a number of clubs like Arsenal, Southampton, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Internazionale, etc. during the course of this season.

Let us take a look at the possibilities surrounding this move:


As per the suggestion of the various reports coming out from England the North London side look to be in the pole position in landing the Czech shot stopper. A 10 million pound bid is what Arsenal are reportedly planning for Cech and would gladly take him in place of their current goalkeeper Szczesny. However, it is unlikely that Chelsea would allow their star man to join their direct rivals.


Iker Casillas has not been looking like his old self anymore, and such a thing can be a bit of a problem if you are playing for the Spanish giants. If Casillas is to depart in the summer, Petr Cech would be an excellent replacement as he brings in a wealth of experience and flair with him. However, this move also looks a bit unlikely as Madrid are currently keeping tabs on Manchester United’s David De Gea.


Amidst all the fuss regarding Cech’s summer move, Inter are reportedly planning on signing him on a 2-year deal. A move away from England would be good for both the man himself and the Chelsea faithful alike as it wouldn’t be a pleasant sight seeing their legend play for a direct rival.


Another Premier League side has emerged as a favorite to sign Cech since there are concerns about their own goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. It will be brilliant for Liverpool if they sign Cech this summer as he would be one of the best keepers available in the market. However, Liverpool have been out of sorts with their signings lately, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they don’t go for him.


Petr Cech has won everything he could at club level, the Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup, and League Cup. What would be better than ending a glorious career in your home country in front of you own people? It would certainly be a move that Cech would favor if his desire to play at the top level deteriorates.


The Saints are also reported to be one of the teams pursuing Cech this summer, but there isn’t any realistic chance of this happening.


If De Gea happens to leave for Madrid in the summer, United might look to replace him straight away and who better than Cech? However, if this move were to happen, there would be a long way to go as United would do everything to hold on to De Gea.

No matter where Cech chooses to go at the end of this season, the 11 year long and successful spell will be applauded by each and every Chelsea fan. Needless to say, it will be a tearful farewell to a man who stood tall between the goal posts for the most successful period in Chelsea’s history.

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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