Mauro Icardi To Chelsea? Or Will It Be Patrick Bamford Next Season?

Let’s talk about transfer rumors! No, not the one that don’t make any sense (An Oscar-Pogba swap anyone). But those rumors, that does make a bit of sense. Although, they might just be like building castles in the air but still, certainly not as insensible as Messi to Chelsea!

One such rumor that has been doing the round for quite a while now is Mauro Icardi to Chelsea. We were linked to the Argentine even at the start of the season before Loic Remy joined Chelsea and with the PL title most probably wrapped up; here we are again with Icardi!

For fans who don’t know much about him, Mauro Icardi plays for Serie A side Inter Milan and has been in brilliant form for his club this season. 16 goals in 29 appearances speak of itself and with the top clubs very much interested in the Argentine services, this might be the time Icardi parts ways with Inter Milan.

As per reports circulating around ESPN and Daily Star, Jose Mourinho might be interested in acquiring his services and if those reports are to be believed, the Inter star might even cost somewhere close to 30 M pounds!

So where does that leaves us with Bamford?

Didier Drogba will surely be gone after this season which leaves us with 2 Strikers. As we have seen this season, we cannot rely on Costa for the whole season, given his injuries and disciplinary issues and while Remy is a perfect backup option, he too has his issues with injuries, which brings us to the vacant spot of third Striker!

Patrick Bamford has been lighting the Championship on fire with loads of Goals and he certainly deserves a chance to compete with Loic Remy at the Bridge. But there’s no doubt that he is also a bit inexperienced at the biggest stage.

Sure, he can continue his Championship form in the PL and become an instant hit and superstar; just look at the likes of Charlie Austin or Danny Ings! They have done pretty well in the league so far. So there’s no doubt why Bamford can’t do it with Chelsea!

But Jose Mourinho might think differently. With Middlesbrough on the brink of PL qualification, the Portuguese might want to send Bamford on yet another loan, this time in PL.

A loan in PL would definitely give us an idea about the youngster’s abilities at the biggest stage. If the Englishman does a Harry Kane or if Mourinho does find him good enough to have him in his squad, he would most probably replace Remy in a few seasons whose contract would be expired by then.

But then again I am just presuming this would be the case if Chelsea are genuinely interested in Mauro Icardi. Strictly sticking to footballing terms, it could be a great buy. Replacing Drogba with Icardi would be a big upgrade upfront that will give a good chance while competing for 4 trophies next season. Icardi is proven goal scorer and would compete with Remy for minutes.

While if Icardi rumors are just plain rumors and Patrick Bamford does come back next season as the third Striker, I would be completely fine with that too.

This summer is certainly going to be interesting. Can’t wait to see what “The Special One” has in mind!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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