Will “Costa’s” petulance “Cost” Chelsea

When Chelsea were preparing for their midweek clash against Tottenham, Jose’s attention was primarily on who to select from Didier Drogba and Loic Remy for leading the attack, as Diego Costa was serving a match ban.

Though Costa’s absence did not do any damage to Chelsea’s title aspirations as both the backup strikers came through with flying colors, registering a goal each. The reason for Costa’s absence is an issue that Jose must definitely address – his indiscipline.

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This problem was further highlighted when Costa’s return against Newcastle United after the suspension resulted in another booking, which means that the Spaniard has now picked up 6 Yellow cards in his 12 League games so far.

Recently, there was an article by the Daily Mail, where they analyzed how the teams would stand if their MVPs were missing. As per the report, the champions Manchester City would be languishing in 8th spot without Aguero, and Arsenal without Sanchez, would be hovering in the relegation zone.

However, Chelsea would still be top of the league without Costa. The article indirectly inferred how Chelsea’s squad shares the responsibility to carry the team forward. However, only Chelsea fans would know the over dependability placed on Costa for the goals.

Finally, Chelsea has a lethal poacher of a striker to lead their attack, one they have been craving for a long time now. The striker has scored 11 goals in 12 League games for the club, scoring a brace and a hat-trick against Swansea and Everton respectively. Many would remember that for both those games; he was not a 100% fit due to his hamstring issues, and as a result he missed the Manchester United and Crystal Palace games. Costa’s injury concerns are enough a headache for Chelsea, unnecessary bookings and suspensions would simply compound the troubles.

The striker was born in Brazil and learnt his tricks of the game on the streets with his elder brother Jair, which made him the tough fighter of a battering ram he is today. He is not the one who shies away from a fight, he is not the one who would let anyone impose themselves on him.

While this “Never Back Down” attitude of his is definitely a virtue to have especially in the Premier League, his tendency to go a step further and escalate small matters into skirmishes is alarming. At the away games at Merseyside, he was continuously involved in a personal battle with Séamus Coleman and Martin Škrtel. He deserved to be sent off at the Etihad for “choking” Zabaleta, but survived the marching orders, much like his silly kick on John O’Shea that went un-noticed but deserved red.

For a striker who has already been the focal point of a League winning side, he should know better of the reliance, the Club has placed on him and what his responsibilities are; and contain his temperament before it causes any damage to the team’s title challenge. Hopefully, Jose will make an intervention and help Costa focus his energy and strength towards more constructive results.

Let’s Hope for the best!


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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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    • He picked up another yellow last night.. thats 7 in 13 now..
      we face city on the 31st of jan.. if he keeps collecting bookings like this..he may miss the match against city..

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