Things We Learned From Draw Against Southampton

Nothing really has changed in the Premier League table after this weekend’s fixtures even after Chelsea playing a draw against Southampton. The Blues, at first position, are still 3 points ahead of second placed Manchester City who also played a draw against Burnley.

But we can’t be dependent on others to maintain our position in the league and we have never been this season actually. However, the contrary was the case on Sunday when Chelsea fans were hoping and praying for Burnley to hold City to a 2-2 draw till the very last second of the game.

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So let’s have a look at the things we learned from Southampton game:

1. One mistake by referee was what might have cost us 3 points

Again, we can’t be dependent on others for our position but we all know what big part referees have in the game. Targett, as he tried to stop Fabregas inside the box, did have a contact with the midfielder and a terrible decision by the referee saw the Spaniard being accused of diving and was shown a yellow card. Had he not made the mistake of accusing Fabregas of diving and given a penalty for the foul on the Spaniard instead, who knows Chelsea would have been 5 points ahead of City right now.

2. Eden Hazard enters a well deserved double figure

What more can you ask for when you have a player as consistent and skilled as Eden Hazard in you team? The Belgian scored the only goal of the match for the Blues and his tenth in the Premier League this season, as he equalized for his team at the stroke of half time after the Saints had taken the lead in the 17th minute. Receiving the assist from Fabregas, then rounding off a couple of defenders and finally smashing the ball in, that’s how beautifully it was carved by the 23-year-old. Getting better day by day, Eden Hazard is someone whom we can expect to produce wonders against Tottenham and Man City in the month of January, which will also see him turn 24.

3. Good link-up play on the left flank

And the credit for that goes to Eden Hazard and Filipe Luis. Luis had an excellent game throughout, something which he always does whenever he gets the opportunity. Southampton never really had a real chance from his area, thanks to his solid defending. Going forward, the Brazilian linked up well with Hazard and was a constant threat. And Eden Hazard! Well, he hasn’t been the Man of the Match for the two consecutive times for nothing. Running with the ball, clever passes, his electrifying goal, tearing apart the Saint’s defence, all this were a part of yet another amazing day for the Belgian.

4. Not a good game for our Back-four

Our back four, except for Filipe Luis, had probably one of the most shaky games of their career. Gary Cahill had something positive to his name when he stopped a through ball from Tadic to deny Southampton an opener. Ivanovic and Terry, however, were unfortunate enough to give us anything good about their performance. While Ivanovic seemed to have lost control of Tadic in the first half, Terry couldn’t execute the offside plan properly only to give open chance to Mane to open the scoring for the day. Both Terry and Ivan, although he had extra pressure owing to Schurrle’s porr defending skills, could have done much better.

5. We gave it all!

In the end it was not a good day for us, something which has been a rare thing for the Blues this season. Except for Hazard, Fabregas, and Luis, all other eight men could have done better. But even they didn’t have a terrible game, with all of them giving their 100 percent! Whether it be the next-to-no resting period or a good Southampton home side, we have still not lost anything much from a bad performance, especially after City also played a draw on the same day. Next up is Tottenham away on the New Year’s eve, but for now, we are heading into 2015 at top of the table and 3 points clear of Manchester City!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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