Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview After West Ham Win

Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview After West Ham Win

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Jose Mourinho says we played very well against a very difficult team.

Jose says we did well against a defensive West Ham 1st half and then did well to adapt against a more attacking Hammers 2nd half.

Jose says the physical recovery was good after the Stoke game, but it is different now with another game in two days.

Jose says the team is better with the ball than last season, more creative without losing the good defending of last season.

Jose says he thinks the challenge on Ivanovic late in the first half was a penalty, but the game was played in the right way.

Jose says the performances are always solid and he is happy as a coach and happy as a guy because he loves these players.

Jose sees a John Terry who is full confidence and a John Terry no different from 10 years ago.

Jose says that once again he is so proud of the players on a Boxing Day for how they perform at this time of year.

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