The Reinforcement of the Blue Wall

“Captain, Legend, Leader” is the title earned by John Terry from the Stamford Bridge faithful. He has been famed for his phenomenal on-pitch leadership skills and carries the rare legendary status of coming through Chelsea’s youth team.

The 34-year-old has earned more trophies than all his predecessors. Unlike other club legends like Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard, John Terry had accepted a massive pay-cut to extend his contract further and serve the club he adores.

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Terry made his first start as a Chelsea regular in 2000-01 season and played alongside former Chelsea captain Marcel Desailly. In 2004-05 Following Desailly’s retirement new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho gave the arm band to John Terry, a choice which was justified throughout the 2004-05 season.

“There will be plenty of foreigners who will come and go, but he [Terry] will stay there and make the new players understand the spirit of the club and the story of the where it has come from.” – Marcel Desailly

Terry in his first season leading Chelsea won the Premier League title in record-breaking fashion. Terry’s Blue Army managed the best defensive record in Football League history with the most clean sheets and the most points accrued. He was termed the player of the year by his fellow professionals in England and the best defender in the Champions League for the season.

Comparing Terry’s 2014-15 statistics per game with the flourishing 2004-05 season

Tackles/Game Tackles Won
04/05- 1.75 75%
14/15- 1.18 80%

24-year-old John Terry loved to tackle; be it reckless or prudent. Call it young blood or a defenders urge to stop the opponent at any given cost. Today the 6’2″ defender has gained immense experience and turned into a smarter version of himself; lunging in only when he’s confident of winning the tackles and making sure the team does not fall one man short due to a reckless challenge.

Duels Duels Won
04/05 – 3.78 72%
14/15 – 5.06 80%

Ricardo Carvalho was immense during his Chelsea years. He was big and powerful and was a thorough professional at winning duels alongside Terry. The Captain is now partnering up with Cahill. Terry is the responsible and experienced defender who has increased the number of duels that have jumped 8% in winning them in every match.

04/05 – 0.94
14/15 – 0.18

John Terry today is a wall that hardly ever falters. The ability to clear a dangerous ball without fouling the opponent has increased by a great margin over the years. The former English defender has educated himself from the past and reads the opposition well enough so as not to give away unnecessary free-kicks.

At the age of 34, Terry is an improved version of himself and certainly is one of the best defenders of this Premier League era. He can still bully strikers, clear crucial balls and win all kinds of duels. The center back’s captaincy and leadership skills cannot be matched by any player in the current Chelsea squad, It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Terry was handed yet another year to serve Chelsea Football Club.

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Edited By: Ojas Tripathi

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