Jose Mourinho: There’s a campaign against Chelsea

Jose Mourinho claimed “a clear campaign” against Chelsea is influencing referees.

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“Of course (it has influenced the referee),” he said. “That’s a campaign, that’s a clear campaign. People, pundits, commentators, coaches from other teams – they react with Chelsea in a way they don’t react to other teams.

“They put lots of pressure on the referee and the referee makes a mistake like this. We lose two points, Fabregas earns a yellow card.”

Mourinho did not accuse ref Taylor of anything other than “making a mistake” but claimed a similar decision would cause “a scandal” outside of England.

“In this country – and I am happy with that, more than happy with that – we will just say that it was a big mistake with a big influence in the result.

“I am happy that it is this way, with respect for the referee. He made a big mistake like I make, like the players make sometimes.”

Speaking straight after the game, Mourinho had earlier pointed the finger at Allardyce, saying: “Out of nothing, Sam Allardyce starts speaking about Chelsea players diving, and in another game it is another coach.

“We are polite people. At the end of the game, no problems, no fights, no shouting to referees, but the reality is that there are penalties and penalties, and this one is a huge one.

“Can you understand why a coach after the game says Chelsea players are diving? Match after match they are saying the same. And the other opponents are the ones who are getting the penalties that decide matches and results.

“I will go to the referee in 15 minutes just to wish him a good year and to tell him that he will be ashamed when he sees it on television.”

Chelsea have had four players booked for diving this season, the first of them in their first game when Diego Costa saw yellow at Burnley despite contact from the goalkeeper.

“Starting day one at Burnley,” Mourinho said. “It was a penalty at Burnley and the referee gives a yellow card to Diego Costa. That I can’t understand.”

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