Chelsea Carnage : Fear the Blue

Football – An unpredictable game. But, when we bring in the psychological tactics and various philosophies into play, it is easier for top tier teams to create havoc and inculcate dismay in the opponents dressing rooms.

It’s that feeling your opposition feels, when they remember how dangerous you can be, it’s a feeling that helps you to shatter your opponent’s confidence and their concentration, while boosting the confidence of your team. A feeling that makes your opponent shiver before the fever!

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Chelsea may have finally lost a game this season, the defeat at Newcastle was a bitter taste to swallow. But the display in the Champions League would have corrected any doubts of pundits thinking Chelsea is starting to lose the reins. This was a game against the Portuguese side Sporting Clube de Portugal when they visited London, where Mourinho fielded his arguably ‘Plan B’ squad that swept the oppositions aside in a game that never looked a contest for Chelsea, which got us to the Champions League knockout stage. This left an impact on our possible opponents – PSG, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen, Basel and Shakhtar Donetsk to avoid pairing Chelsea in the Round of 16. However, Laurent Blanc and company were unable to escape the draw. But, we can’t underplay them with all the firepower they have in Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi, Cavani and Lucas.

PSG are well aware of the talent Chelsea has at its disposal and what happened last time when the two sides met. We do have a different team with a different attitude this time, where, Drogba is like a 36 year old wine, Coaster will pounce if given a chance and Remy when called upon takes the bull by the horn and delivers a powerful performance. With the incredible attacking midfield that switches position like the hand of a wall clock at every moment in the game, the most inform defensive midfielder in the world right now in Matic and a formidable Defense, with two of the best goalkeepers in the world. Every football pundit, fans, managers and game analysts have something to say about this team.

We can smell fear in every line they speak and many analyst and pundits have already pictured Chelsea as a team to win trophies, with the no-nonsense attitude of Mourinho. As the team showing no complacency in matches putting the fear of the almighty in the opponent makes the match half won before it has even started. Mou must be given the credit for all this because of the way he sets his the team up. In addition to that, the dribbles of hazard (the most in the league), the goals of Costa (second highest goalscorer in the EPL), the work rate of the likes of Willian and Matic, the assists of Fabregas, the versatility of Oscar, the coordination of the captain Terry has been tremendous, only Azpilicueta and Courtois are yet to score in the main eleven, Cahill is extraordinary in the air and when a right back in Ivanovic is running at your defense, you better have to be very cautious!

These performances are keeping oppositions’ managers asking questions themselves such as: who’s going to score for them (because anyone can), where most of the attacks come from, (as it comes from everywhere), what’s the weak link in their defense (difficult to find), don’t let them get in the box (they can shoot from outside), reduce them to crosses, (they are good in the air) and so on! This develops fear and our moves send cold down the opponent’s spine.

This fear factor is going to make wonders for Chelsea on the way to title(s) this season!! KTBFFH!!!!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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