The Evolution of a Eden Hazard as Player

In the midst of somewhat expected turn of events, one such event for the Blues is Eden Hazard signing a new deal worth £200,000 seeing his future at the club extended till 2019. The deal was a move to avoid interest from Chelsea’s European rivals, namely Real Madrid and PSG, who were vying a move for the super Belgian.

In this article, let’s analyze how Hazard has progressed since the last season. If we carefully observe Hazard, his playing style has changed a lot from an inside forward last season to a passing winger this season. Last season, Hazard carried the entire team on his shoulders due to the absence of a commanding striker. However, this season he has had some really amazing support with the likes of Nemanja Matic, Fabregas and Diego Costa. Hazard’s game has changed radically as he has been scoring, assisting, passing smoothly and also acting as a bridge between defense and attack.

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Let us now statistically compare Hazard’s progress since last season. According to, Hazard’s per match rating has been 42.66 as compared to last season’s 37.10. Hazard’s defensive and possession game has been enriched with a possession score of 6.60 which has increased by 5 points as compared to the last season.

Also, his defensive score scales a new high of around 7.08 to last season’s score of around 4.97. Hazard has a decent amount of successful passes this season of around 46.29 passes per game which as compared to last season’s 36.20 is pretty impressive. The pass completion percentage of Hazard is 89% which has seen a rise of about 6% from last season’s pass completion percentage.

Apart from passing, Hazard has performed 0.71 tackles per game this season whereas in last season he had performed around 0.51 tackles per game. The Belgian and Chelsea No.10’s number of assists and goals has seen a slender dip. Hazard has assist ratio of 0.18 assists per game as compared to 0.20 assists per game for the previous season. On an average, the talented winger has scored 0.35 goals per game this season.

Hazard’s work rate and defensive contribution have rocketed as compared to last season and fits the bill in the Special One’s side like a piece of jigsaw and is totally worthy of the blockbuster contract.

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Edited By: Ojas Tripathi

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