Derby vs Chelsea (1-3)-Player Performance and Man of The Match

An impressive-looking Mourinho’s side put Derby out of the way and qualified for the semifinal, pursuing their quest for the Capital One Cup – what would be The Blues’ second English Cup title under Jose’s management.

The much-needed Cesc Fabregas returned to the starting 11 after his 1-match suspension. Doing ever so well yet again, he notched up his assist tally to 15 to show for his fantastic performances from the start of this season in a Blue shirt.

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Here is analysing the Spaniard’s game, and why we reckon he was the best Chelsea player on the field last night.



Influence plays an important role behind the success in executing a progressive and fluid game for a football team. Cesc Fabregas was bursting with energy and pace last evening, and this factor was brought into the forwards’ game as well.

The 27-year-old sped forward and played a part in all attacking situations (most of which were initiated by himself); and also did an amazing job in back-tracking, thereby allowing Mikel and Matic to be a bit adventurous and take part in the attack.

Cesc did not show even one sign of weariness last night, which was also a great thing to see.


Fabregas played in his “favourite” no. 10 role again last night, and he could not have done it more justice. On paper, he was positioned just behind King Drogba in the heart of the attacking midfield area, but in all situations where Chelsea went forward, Fabregas played right alongside or within the reach of Drogs, Hazard and Schurrle, thereby enabling them to use him as an assistant while looking for a goal-scoring opportunity.


Another aspect of his game that was prominently observed, was the fact that he often tended to delve deep into the defensive area and supply long balls to the darting fullbacks and wingers out wide on the flanks. This was proven to be effective on so many occasions, especially with Hazard and Azpilicueta, as they received air balls from Fabregas whilst making a run and tearing through the Derby defense on either flanks.


For what seems like the umpteenth time, Fabregas was the best looking player for The Blues last night. Hope his run of form continues, and also that Chelsea keep getting more points in the Premier League as well.

We are up against Stoke next on 23rd December, and we think we deserve a 6-day break for the rest of the fixtures that are to come our way this holiday season.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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