Chelsea vs Sporting Lisbon (3-1) : Man of the Match

Chelsea recorded a comprehensive 3-1 victory against the Portugal club Sporting.

It was a comfortable night at the office for The Blues, as they managed to maintain 56% of possession and completed 480 passes along with 15 attempts on goal, which are pretty good figures.

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In a game that majorly featured the bench-warmers and the youth superstars for Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas gets the best player title from us because of his ever-so-threatening game-play in the no. 10 role.



From the start of this season, Oscar has made the no. 10 role his trademark position, and he always delivers 100% performances, pairing up and shifting positions with Fabregas who plays just behind Oscar in a more defensive role. But when Oscar was decided to be given a one-match rest from the Chelsea boss and with Mikel and Matic playing the defensive midfield role (and doing it ever so well), Fabregas went forward and engaged himself in the traditional playmaker position. He cut through the Sporting players with ease, provided killer balls through and got The Blues up and running in terms of opening the scoresheet, capitalising on the penalty spot in just the 8th minute. He had a fantastic game in his trademark Gunners position and proved to the world once again as to how influential and magnificent he can be as a playmaking midfielder.


There is no need to stress on how exceptional a passer Cesc Fabregas is. Just watch him play a game for Chelsea, and you will understand what we mean. Fabregas is arguably the best in the business when it comes to being a perfectly accurate and effective passer in the midfield position. His strings of 1-2 passing with the likes of Salah, Matic, Costa and Schurrle last night put the Sporting defenders under immense pressure, and his final balls through required only a nearly as good a strike on the ball for it to land into the back of the net.

One other honourable mention to the 27-year-old’s game last night, is the fact that he looked for pacey keyhole passes on more than one occasion to put an out-of-form Andre Schurrle through in the wide position, which gave the German lots of space for providing crosses to Costa or Matic.


‘He’s a fantastic guy, he’s a fantastic professional.
‘Now I understand why at the age of 19 or 20 or 21 he was Arsenal captain.’ – Jose Mourinho

With awe-inspiring performances ever since day 1 as a Blues player, Fabregas has indeed been the signing of the season for Chelsea Football Club. His movement on the ball is now supported by a tremendously high work rate off the ball as well, in the attacking and defensive point of view. Furthermore, his leadership qualities and his means of guiding the ball perfectly is being influenced by all the Blue players on the field in each and every fixture so far. Jose Mourinho does know how to bring in and manage successful and consistent players for Chelsea, and Cesc Fabregas is proving to be the best example of that.

Hoping to see more wins and remarkable performances from Chelsea, I resonate to you to KTBFFH!!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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