Chelsea vs Hull City (2-0) – Player Performance and Man of The Match

A mediocre day at the office for The Blues, as they pulled off a clean sheet home victory but failed to impress for most part of the game.

Eden Hazard, Ivanovic and Matic shone through in terms of reliability in their respective positions, but as a single unit, the kind of cutting-edge displays we had gotten to see in previous games was indeed missing. In other words, the presence of Cesc Fabregas was missing in the Chelsea squad.

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Chelsea vs Hull City (2-0) – Player Performance and Man of The Match was Branislav Ivanovic. Ivanovic was the standout player for The Blues in our opinion; despite Hazard’s headed goal and his setting up of Diego Costa’s twelfth Premier League goal. Here is why:



At the age of 30, Branislav Ivanovic is a right full-back for Chelsea with the best work rate in his position in the Premier League. He showed great pace and skill to burst away from his defensive position to a more attacking-wide area on the right side of the pitch, and ended his runs by either giving deadly low-crosses or passing the ball across the pitch and increasing the efficiency in the Chelsea game. He also did an amazing job of tracking back into his position whenever Hull was on the counter, and completed 6 take-ons and 3 tackles to show for a really good defensive performance as well.


When he darted along the right sideline, pairing up and exchanging 1-2 passes with Willian; Ivanovic got past the last defender and into the box, and made two amazing touches to set up Costa in the middle, which nearly resulted in another goal for The Blues’ top scorer. This had been one example in the first half where Ivanovic appeared to be a giant in the opposition box. Another was when he nearly netted a goal by himself: he caught a fast-moving ball just around the penalty area and struck it hard on the volley, but slotted it an inch wide of the left corner of the goalpost.


Mr. Consistency seems to be what comes to mind when a football fan hears about Ivanovic and his work for Chelsea. He is tireless, he is an engine on the field and is one of The Blues’ strongest players. With 16 games in the Premier League and 1440 minutes of incredible effort and energy on the pitch, Ivanovic will start nearly every game from now on as well, because Chelsea’s right side is simply not complete without the Serbian.

This fixture, however, did not really bring out the best in Chelsea. Why did you think so? Did we miss Fabregas that much? Can’t we go one game in the league without him and pull off a good performance in midfield? Fire away in the comments section!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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