We Have A Chance at the Quadruple: Matic

It does not happen every year that Chelsea are top of the league table at Christmas. It is even more rare that the team at the helm on Christmas wins the league. However, when that team on the top on Chelsea and is managed by a certain Portuguese, the stats just show that it is a 100% indication of the league winners in May.

However, a lot depends on the way the team performs over the period of coming games. It is a fact that can’t be denied, Chelsea win the league every time they are on top with Mourinho in-charge. The other competitions are a different matter.

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Le PSG recently had a post on their google+ page, telling their friends at Chelsea that they are out for revenge. They got a well deserved reaction from me and several other Chelsea fans, nonetheless, they seem all set for a clash full of vengeance. Whether they get it or not, is still very much left to see. It’s the round of 16. Chelsea played Galatasaray last time in the said stage and came out on top, before knocking Les Parisiens out in the Quarter-finals courtesy a Demba Ba goal. This time, the situation is different, PSG have overcome a huge psychological barrier in that they have beaten Barcelona for the first time in the competition, which I should point, is nothing new to Chelsea or Mourinho. PSG must be brimming with confidence. Chelsea go into the fixture as a different team for last year, whether or not PSG have taken note of the fact is up-to them. They may be thinking that beating Barca once may mean they can beat Chelsea over two legs, or not. The thing is, Chelsea have a very realistic chance of going through.

That means, Chelsea are the favourites for the domestic League, and are almost certain of going through against PSG in the Champions League.

Nemanja Matic has recently said a very rare thing, though not abnormal:

“I think it’s possible. We have a chance,”

“I don’t want to say that we’re going to but we’re going to try. We have quality. We will see if we can do. But I am confident, I believe in my team, my teammates, so everything is possible.”

“It’s always important when you are mentally prepared to win and, in this moment, we are confident.”

So, as it seems, Matic and in fact, the entire team has a chance to win every competition that they have participated in. A Quadruple is not the goal for many of the best teams. Ancelloti’s Madrid had one goal last year, to win the Champions League. Liverpool had to write the most hear-breaking story of the decade. David Moyes’ United had a goal: to finish in top four. Oh, not that! The thing is, not every team thinks of achieving the winner’s trophy of all competitions that they play in. This Chelsea team does. Nobody claims that they would actually accomplish it, yet, it is a possibility. Believing in it is the key.

The FA Cup and the Capital one cup are the two remaining competitions of the four. Chelsea have had a close bond with the years old FA Cup. They have won so many of it. You come to know of its significance when winning it saves Arsene Wenger’s head. Moving on from the Professor, Chelsea would certainly want to take their chances in the competitions. If the players like Cech, Schurrle and Mikel remain at the club beyond January, this trophy is a very real possibility because it would only be about how far the players will be stretched and it certainly helps when a team has quality at it’s disposal.

The Capital One Cup is the most low profile Competition in Chelsea’s fixtures, yet as the cup edges closer to the finish line, any teams involved will seriously weigh up their chances. Mourinho would most certainly have a go at it because it was the first Cup he won in England, and winning it again would give this team the belief to go on an launch an assault for all the others. That’s why its signifact, it would be a Deja-Vu, capable of igniting the lost fire.

So as Matic said, winning the quadruple is really a possibility that the team should be looking forward to. However, it should not prove to be a distraction from the main aims, a League triumph at first. If possible, followed by a long run in the continental Cup. If Chelsea reach the semi-final, they would give it their all in Europe, and given the way they play, that would be enough I guess.

So keep the Blue Flag flying Very high, and let us know what your thoughts are on this yet unaccomplished quadruple feat!

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