Cesc Fabregas, Our Midfield “Maestro” creates History at Southampton

“When Fabregas left we bought [Mesut] Ozil to buy an offensive player. “We have [Santi] Cazorla, we have [Jack] Wilshere, we have [Aaron] Ramsey, we have [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, who are all offensive players.
“We were not in the need to buy offensive players. It makes sense if you just look at the balance of the team. I think that’s a decision that is easy to understand.”


Well, that’s what Arsene Wenger had to say when the former Gunner’s Captain joined Chelsea in the summer, instead of making a comeback to his boyhood club. Now, there are a few stupid decisions that Wenger has taken in his managing career at Arsenal. And when I say few, it means a LOT! If I start to dwell on them, this article might end up into a novel.

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But the one decision he made this summer, by rejecting a possible Fabregas move in favor of a “disconnected and misfiring” Ozil, “not so world-class afterall” Wilshere, “half of the time injured” Aaron Ramsey and an “inconsistent” Chamberlain, definitely tops his list.

The Spanish “midfield maestro”, since joining the Blues this summer has been one of the most influential player for Jose Mourinho’s “young” squad. Our problem last season was we lacked a competent Striker, but more than that, we lacked the creativity to break down the stubborn defenses or as our boss puts it out “the 19h century defenses” of the league.

Eden Hazard was the sole catalyst last season and, as a result, was marked out in most of the matches. This season though, Barcelona, deciding that they don’t need to entertain a world class, all round player like Fabregas for some weird reasons, let him go for a meager amount of £27 Million. While Mourinho, the evil genius he is, wrapped up the deal even before anyone else got the scent of what’s going on with the Spaniard.

And inevitably so, Fabregas has lit the league on fire, racking up assists like they or on a sale in some discount shop or something!

Just take a look at this interesting and fun fact:

Cesc Fabregas is the first player in Premier League history to hit 13 assists in his first 18 appearances of the season. His chip to set-up Hazard for the Chelsea goal was his 13th in the league this season. The Spaniard now has now set-up as many goals as any other player managed throughout the entirety of the 2013/14 campaign (Steven Gerrard, 13).

Haha, in your face Wenger! But again Arsene would be used to this kind of repentance in his career, so no big deal!

Not only leading in the assist table but also in the number of key passes is our Cesc Fabregas.

The Spaniard has now played 61 key passes in his deep-lying-playmaker role, 9 more than the second-placed Stewart Downing.

That’s a lot of influence, but something we expect from a player of the caliber of Cesc Fabregas.

Frankly, I think Cesc Fabregas has been an invaluable addition to our midfield. His partnership with Matic has been reminiscent to Batman and Robin. Both these players have taken our team of “little horses” from last season to an incredible new height. In fact, the addition of Fabregas has also meant that players like Eden Hazard and Oscar have more freedom to express themselves as the Spaniard goes about his usual stuff from deep midfield.

Now, all we can hope is that Fabregas earns what Arsenal has been trying to achieve for the past decade or so, a Premier League trophy, in his first season with us. Although, while we are at it, a quadruple would be nice too!

And yeah, I hope Arsene Wenger remains the manager of the Arsenal Side, FOREVER!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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