Sergio Ramos Criticises The Chelsea Duo

There’s a news circulating around the internet these days, where the leader in the list of talentless celebrities; by which I mean Kim Kardashian, covers the front of a paper magazine, wearing a black dress, bent over and balancing a champagne coupe on her rear.

Now this stupid gig might not have anything to do with football, but apparently, this inspired the best and one of the most talented defender in the world, Sergio Ramos (don’t look at me, that’s what Madrid fans think) to one up the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star with an equally moronic statement released in the press yesterday.

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According to Spanish defender:

“It’s difficult because this is not a club team, but the national team where you do not come every day. Laying out rules is difficult. But above all I would have liked the players to show the same commitment to the national team as they do to their club. You must show this commitment and spirit to all the new players. There are times I have played despite having some niggles. It all depends on the DNA of the player. I wish players had same the level of commitment with the national team as with their clubs.”

Oh, look who’s talking! This is the same, mighty Sergio Ramos who withdrew from the last set of internationals because he had a muscle complaint! So much for all the talks of playing with the niggles and the DNA crap.

A great thinker once said that, “The limit of human stupidity is endless,” so maybe, who knows what Sergio Ramos might be thinking. Maybe he came to the conclusion that the DNA of Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa have been mutated after joining a club basically known as the destroyer of football in Spanish media, and which is also managed by one of the most evil managers in the world (although, it would be awesome to have a Diego ‘Wolverine’ Costa).

I mean, seriously, this is the same Diego Costa who played in the World Cup with Spain, although, he was suffering from a hamstring problem that kept him out of the Champions League final! The same Diego Costa that turned up for national duty last month in some meaningless friendly, even though he was suffering from a niggle that kept him out of his club (who paid 32M pounds for him!) for nearly a month. If that doesn’t show you the level of commitment from a Spanish player who is basically Brazilian by nationality, I don’t know what will.

Costa has been playing so much football for the past few years that it was about time he got some decent rest and the same goes for Fabregas. The midfielder has been with the Spain national side since he was 17, has amassed close to 100 caps, nevermind all the World Cup and Euro trophies he has won. With all those achievements and records behind him, you have got to trust the player when he says he is injured and won’t be available for an International friendly.

But I’m sure “the red card magnet” isn’t capable of thinking that way. Apparently, when he realised that he might have to come up against Costa in the Champions League shortly, he took a step back with these comments:

“When I spoke about commitment, I did not want to say that those two did not have it.”

Well, I’m sure it was all just mere speculation. He never meant to criticize the Chelsea duo, and also it has nothing to do with the fact that Ramos is a Real Madrid player saying bad things about an ex-Barcelona player, an ex-Atletico Madrid player and an ex-Real Madrid manager with whom he has some serious grudge from the past!

Well Ramos, guess what, those comments doesn’t make things any better. You are still as over-rated as Kim Kardashian, and Costa would spank you six ways to Sunday when Blues, hopefully, meet you in the Champions League.

Edited By: Girish Bhangre

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  1. I think s. Ramps didn’t learn anything in school, naturally he is a compound fool who lacks th ability to think & analyze like an average person

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