Eva Carneiro – A Rare Gem

One football analyst once inferred, the sweetest memory AVB left behind his Chelsea legacy after the Champions League trophy, was a move to appoint Eva Carneiro as the Blues’ First-Team doctor in 2011-2012 season.

Besides the pretty face that Eva wears and the feminine aura she brings to the EPL, underneath lies the hard work she puts in Chelsea Football Team. We all love her; YES WE DO! Beauty with brains, a very rare combination we can see in her. But how much do we know about this lady?

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She was born in Gibraltar, United Kingdom to a Spanish father and an English mother. Carneiro studied medicine at Nottingham University as well as Msc (Sports and Exercise) through the Queen Mary University of London, before moving to the Scottish Highlands to work in surgery and the emergency room. She received some sage advice from few consultants to complete her orthopedic training.

She spent two years at the Australasian College of Sports Physicians and thesis study under West Ham United. After completing her education she started working at Public Health Department at Islington PCT and then she got recruited to work in a special training program with British Olympic Medical Institute during 2008 Beijing Olympics, before joining Chelsea in February 2009.

When asked about how she was infatuated with football in the Gibraltar magazine, she said:

“My real interest in football started with the 1998 World Cup. Brazil was playing Mexico. I was travelling through Mexico and we stopped at a town which was a popular honeymoon tourist destination for Brazilians. They boasted a huge sports arena and had a World Cup party to celebrate Brazil’s first appearance. At the time, I was particularly interested in learning how to samba, to be absolutely honest. The Brazilians danced on the bar after every goal and at the halftime. By the end of the game, I was hooked on both football and samba.”

Does she support any football team? Yes! She is a Real Madrid Fan!!
But over the years, on receiving such huge support and love from the fans for the way she takes care of the team, she has also evolved as a Chelsea fan.

When did she join Chelsea?

Well, she joined Chelsea in the year 2009, initially working as Physio for the reserve team squad. After flattering the senior medic squad and management, she was promoted into the first team. She turned out to be a talisman as in her very first season with Chelsea; Chelsea won the long awaited Champions League trophy, along with FA cup. Whereas, in her second season Chelsea won their second consecutive European trophy, the Europa League. Her other interests are horse riding, dancing and surfing.

Her vast medical knowledge and quick decision-making abilities have helped Chelsea in avoiding many major injuries over the past three years. If we look back from 1st August 2011 to 21st October 2014, Arsenal have had the most injuries, followed by Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester City. Chelsea was second best to only Liverpool with minimum injuries. As per a survey, Arsenal’s injury per game ratio in the above-mentioned period was 1.62, Manchester United equalled Arsenal’s ratio with 1.62 as well. While, Spurs’ injury per game ratio was 1.43 and Manchester City hurt themselves at a rate of 1.12 per game. Where Chelsea faced 0.99 injuries per game followed by Liverpool with just 0.98 injuries per game. This shows the level of dedication in medic support and attention our players receive from our matured team of doctors.

Eva, however, always played a vital role in keeping Chelsea fit as compared to other top team in EPL, as the survey clearly reflects. Moreover, Chelsea have had a very schedule in the near past and were not afforded longer rests between games, the opportunity that other teams relished.

Impressed? Yeah!! Everyone should be! It is extremely difficult to find a girl like Eva Carneiro, who has been blessed with her charming beauty, humbleness, intelligence, passion towards her work. She has been proved as a lucky charm for us and the ‘cherry on top of the cherry’ she is a football fan and also likes to play football.

Let us take this opportunity and thank her for all the support she has always been showing towards Chelsea Football Club and helping us to reach more milestones in coming seasons!

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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