POEM: John Terry 500 and Counting [Must Read]

John Terry 500 and Counting

After lighting up the League
To a lightening spark
The blues took a trip
To the Selhurst park

Haunting memories still
Remained of the last time around
As we let away the honours
on this very ground

Win wasn’t to be easy
As seen in assumptions
But the blues finally had
Their shot at redemption

There was Joy and Jubilation
All around the stadium
As our leader made it
Half a millennium
(JT’s 500th cap as Chelsea captain)

As the strong commanding
Figure in the center
Added another milestone
To his illustrious adventure

The leader of the blues
Through the thick and thin
He always made us proud
He always made us win

The blues kept singing
His name aloud
He was honoured by
Everyone sitting in the crowd

With the toss ended
The emotional affair
As the special one
Started marshalling his players

The game had started
With referee’s whistle
As the battle begun
With a lot of hustles

There was a lot
of anxiety around
As a blue player
Had gone to ground

The result was fair
Without a thought
As the referee
Pointed to the spot

The wonderkid stood
Up to take the kick
The top corner is
What he had to pick

That was what exactly
He had done
As in no time blues
lead nil to one

It was spectacular from
The baby face beast
Out of the top draw
To say the least

The hosts after conceding
Just got lame
As Jose’s men started
Killing the game

Then came the moment
Which changed it all
As little dave aggressively
Rushed in for the ball

It was too harsh for the referee’s
liking for dave to stay
As he was red carded
And sent off away

There was a surge of
Spirit in the Selhurst crowd
As they again started
Cheering aloud

But again the numbers
On the pitch got even
As the hosts also were
Down to ten from eleven

Then shortly after that
Half time came
But there was still
A lot left in the game

The whistle again blew
For the second half to start
As the blues started
Tearing their defence apart

The Spaniard and wonderkid
Produced something outrageous
The control, pass, finish
Was simply a piece of genius

Watching that goal was
Too much fun
As their entire defence
was left just stunned

There wasn’t anything
That they could do
As blues doubled there
Lead to two

It looked then done
And dusted for the night
Though the hosts
Put up a fight

The happenings on
The pitch started raging
But the Selhurst crowd
Was too damn amazing

The park went crazy as
The hosts did score
But there wasn’t time
For anything more

The blues in there
Kept everything light
The attack was fluid
And the defence was tight

The final whistle blew
With another blues win
As the special one took
Another good nice grin

You could hear only one
Name in the stadium
As he added another win
To half his millennium

The whole crowd stood up
To the true blue great
As he embraced
All his team mates

May your life always
Be happy and merry
We’ll always love you
John “the leader” Terry

Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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