Ghost of the Champions League past finally exorcised

John Terry has had enough of it, and it’s the payback time. Our captain has remained silent on the Champions League celebration issue for far too long and finally he speaks up and speaks his heart out.

“I know people like to have their digs and their pops over that. Because it’s me, people say ‘he’s not won it’,” said Terry.

“I know I played a huge part along the way – in the dressing room and on the field. So I count myself to have won it.

“I’ve played in one final (2008) and in 2012 I still felt a massive part of it all and the players made me feel a big part.

“No one speaks about the other 10 players who weren’t on the pitch that night as well. Maybe that’s me and that’s where I am at as a player.”

No matter what, we will always stand by your side.


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