Chelsea Matches Rescheduled

Thanks to the busy TV schedules, five of our matches has been rescheduled. Here is the list (All times in GMT).

Chelsea Matches Rescheduled

Newcastle away: from 3:00 pm, Saturday Dec. 6 to 12:45 pm, Saturday Dec. 6

Stoke City away: from 3:00 pm, Saturday Dec. 20 to 8:00 pm, Monday Dec. 22

West Ham United home: from 3:00 pm, Friday Dec. 26 to 12:45 pm, Friday Dec 26

Southampton away: from 3:00 pm, Sunday Dec. 28 to 2:05 pm, Sunday Dec. 28

Tottenham Hotspur away: from 3:00 pm Thursday Jan 1 to 5:30 pm, Thursday Jan 1



  1. What i know is that wenger is a looser and a failure at thesame time. People must not be jealous and also have grudges toward another person fortune what i know is that if u cannot climb the lather u wait on the ground 4 people that are up to. Infant the blues flag will be flying higher and higher now and fore-ever more?

  2. I’m standing very strongly supporting my chelsea fc it doesn’t matter how hard we make it,blues forever in my blood.

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