Why do Chelsea fans get angry when people talk about them parking the bus?

Well someone asked me to answer this question. My answer is as follows:

It’s ‘Jose’ who coined this term in EPL during his first spell at Chelsea.

Back in June, this announcement came.

“…You’ll also be able to set your team mentality to Park the Bus to counter your opponent’s Team Tactics in FIFA 15.”

I don’t really know what’s there to get angry about us using this tactic. Perhaps, few fellow mates for whom football is just an entertainment may find the game with this tactic boring? Next time they should switch to a golf game if they find it boring. Then, they would know what really ‘boring’ is. As someone said, Goals are over-rated.

Lately, my friend posted me with the FIFA 15 announcement. I was a tad annoyed to hear why he attributes this tactic only to Jose. He stated me that this tactic is attributed to Jose because, he is so good at it. Well, it takes everything to be good at something.

From the manager’s viewpoint, winning is everything. Every three points we earn are crucial. The game is played not to entertain you. The game is played to win. Tactics are the strategies utilized to improve the chances to win.

“A team that doesn’t defend well doesn’t have many chances to win. If a team concedes more goals, the chances are reduced.” – Jose said this. However, this is pretty much common sense.

I want to clarify that this tactic is not only followed by us but also by many major teams like Uruguay, Algeria and Italy. We also noticed Costa Ricans emerged successfully in the cup games with Parking the bus (or a formation entirely designed for defense, in whatever way you want to put it) and counter-attacking tactics. It’s all about owning your meters, no matter what strategy the manager picks. That’s it.

For example,


The above is the image of Chelsea marking Suarez throughout the game. This is from the last season Chelsea v Liverpool game. Hope most of us remember this game. Luis Suarez. He was a prolific player on the pitch although, he was denied absolutely any space by us to operate, attempting just two take-on. You are plain stupid, if you expect us to play a tactic, where we give a team, which is wonderful on counter and was in need of spaces behind our defensive line, the much needed spaces.

The tactic should be in such a way to control the spaces. So, Jose was right about picking a defensive tactic. It isn’t that he was fond of this tactic. He has to choose this because we have to nullify a wonderful attack. Many teams doesn’t prefer this tactic because it isn’t easy to do it. It is difficult to hold for 90 minutes where a single mistake would cause the whole strategy to crumble.

And, another thing is that more the time a team plays the ball, they are bound to make mistakes. The team that is in a crucial situation where it is not afford to make mistakes, it is good to let the opponent have it and exploit on them making mistakes. It’s a strategy. At times, the manager may have to choose this, in order to maximize the chances to win.

Hence, the bottom line is – I don’t see the point in getting angry about a manager or a team using/playing this tactic. The manager is not fond of this tactic, but he employs what is needed to improve the chances to win, so blaming a manager for use of defensive strategy is absurd. In my opinion, it isn’t a mentality of a small team as some fellow mate quoted. A small team wouldn’t think of a difficult tactic such as this, to improve the chances of their victory since the efficiency level isn’t the same as compared with a winning team. So, I want to say it is a part of the strategy for winners, not for losers.

P.S. I am a 3 – season old amateur. I am not qualified enough to criticize any manager’s tactics or their way of forming a team. The above viewpoints were my based on my observations. The views above doesn’t represent me as a fan of a particular tactic. I like winning strategies, and I like to look in what went wrong if a strategy fails.

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