Oscar Talks About His Success Secret and His Future Plans

Oscar is a great talent, and he has proved it at many times. In an interview published in the latest Chelsea Magazine, Oscar has claimed that he wants to create as many chances as possible and convert them into goals for Chelsea FC.

Oscar has a great vision and talent for making accurate passes. In an interview, he reveals his secret to making such great passes.

‘I always look for possible passes before I receive the ball so, when I get the ball, I know what I want to do with it,’ he explains.


‘The best passes are always the hardest ones to make, so the more practice you have and the more you attempt, the better the passes you can make in the future.

‘I get very angry with myself if my passes don’t find a Chelsea player. I am a very competitive person, and I like to win. I want all my passes to find a Chelsea players, and I always want to score goals. That is the kind of person I am.’

Oscar also emphasized that while in the game, he is always determined to play in as creatively as possible, and convert those chances more often than he usually does.

‘If a game is hard, I never quit,’ the 22-year-old says. ‘I’m a bit shy off the pitch, but I am also a creative person and I think I take that part of my personality onto the pitch with me – I like to be creative when I am playing.


‘Problem-solving is something I am good at and in the first two games of the season we had some problems in the early stages, which we managed to overcome. Not just me, but the whole team was very creative, and we saw a way to move forward and win those games.’

We wish he keeps on doing a great work.


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