Once Upon a Time in Manchester: A Poem by a Chelsea Fan Dedicated to Frank Lampard

The city of manchester
Was all painted in blue
As the atmosphere at the
etihad started to brew

Mourinho’s men had
Come on a mission
with a burning desire
And some serious ambition

But to win here was
Not be a piece of cake
coz when the blues were to clash
There was a lot at stake

So finally in amidst of
The roaring etihad crowd
Singing, cheering and chanting loud

The players came out
For the match to start
But a man on bench
Sat with a pounding heart

He wasn’t a stranger
In any ways
Our very own legend,
Hero of old days

Deep down inside
He still was a blue fan
He anxiously watched
As the game began

The hosts continuously
Piled up the pressure
But jose’s men
Always had their measure


No team on the pitch
Had an opening through
As half time approached
In the battle of the blue

In the second half came
The moment which changed it all
As a home player aggressively
Rushed in for the ball

The refree did not like
What he saw
And player was sent
off distraught

This led to the complete
Defensive downfall
The guests soon cashed
In by netting the ball

Guests went up on
The scoring sheet
As 3 crucial points
Looked an easy treat

But then came moment
Of enormous pain
As all our prayers
Had gone in vain

Coz on came the man
We had recepted with tears
For all those wonderful,
Glorious years

But there was even more
Tragedy in store
As our own legend
Went on to score

A precious goal
For the foe
But he only did it
Coz he was reluctant to do so

His goal led to tears
In a million cries
And the disappointment
Was evident in his very own eyes

Score card was the evidence
His face was to be seen
Protruding he stood there
His stature so leen

He did not celebrate
Out of the heart felt respect
He had for his old club
As you could easily expect

After that there wasn’t
Much left in the game
As the attack’s got flaccid
And defences got lame

They still cheered for him, their hero of old
for his magical nights, stories will forever be told

In the amidst of emotions
The game ended a draw
No team could get it all
Through the straw

But over all it was a
Good result as a whole
And will be remembered
For that one very goal

Which struck our hearts
Mighty hard
But we’ll still keep
Loving you frank “the super” lampard

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