No Love Lost, No Love Found for Jose Mourinho

No Love Lost, No Love Found for Jose Mourinho

It hurts, and it hurts the most when the people you love and respect the most are the ones who do the lethal damage, and Frank Lampard’s goal tonight was one such moment.

As Chelsea fans, we all will always love our Super Frank, but for Jose Mourinho the love story is already over.

“Frank Lampard is a Man City player, I don’t believe in stories of passion and heart, maybe I am too pragmatic in football.

“When he decided to go to a direct competitor to Chelsea then love stories are over.

“He did his job as a professional.

“He got a good reception and this is England and this is Chelsea. Chelsea people never forget what Chelsea people do at the club.

“It happened to me when I was manager of Inter. It is Chelsea’s culture and beauty.”

– The Express

Knowing Jose, he must be fuming how we conceded a late goal, but during the interview, he looked visibly calm and composed, and hailed the result as a satisfactory one.

He added:

“We were winning the game against 10 men, but the same 10 men had a fantastic reaction and gave everything to try to equalise.

“When the game gets emotional the numbers are not so important. When the game is tactical – yes they are important.

“We scored, we had the game seemingly under control, we hit the post but then they scored.

“At that point the game was emotional and in that period they were psychologically stronger than us and in the end a draw is maybe a fair result.”

– The Express

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