Lampard Admits He was Convinced by Manchester United Youngster to Retire

Thoughts come to you in the strangest of the places and in the strangest of the ways, and Lampard choosing to retire is a perfect example of how a simple conversations can lead to life changing decisions.

Conversation between Chelsea legend Frank Lampard and Manchester United new signing Luke Shaw was seemingly very simple, yet it led Lampard to say a goodbye to his English Internation career forever, he admits.


Lampard hung up his national team boots after the conclusion of England’s failed World Cup tour, but clearly at the age of 36, his comments are in jest.

“I was having a chat with Luke Shaw and I mentioned Tony Adams and he didn’t seem to know who I was talking about.

“I said: “Are you winding me up?” And he said: “Who did he play for?” I knew then then it was time to retire.’

In Shaw’s defence, he was aged just seven when Adams announced his retirement from football.


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