Jose Mourinho’s Most Personal Interview Ever! Meet Mr. Mourinho; The Man

Jose Mourinho is the kind of personality we all envy. Great looks, quick wits and insanely successful career, what else do you want as a man?

However, for Mourinho, the greatest thing to live for is not the name, fame and power; it’s love. Love for the game, love for his family. Love is the driving force, he believes.

In a very personal interview with the mirror, he discloses about the things and people he lives for.

“The secret in everything is love. If you are successful in football, it is because you love football.

“If you are successful in any job, I believe it is because you are in love with that job, and if you have a successful family, it is because people are in love with each other. Love is the basic.”

It doesn’t usually happen that a man who possesses every quality to be a dream date for any women in this world stays loyal to his wife and family for last 25 years. He even got a tattoo of his wife’s name on his wrist. That’s incredibly sweet!

“I’m romantic in the sense that the people I love, they have to know that I love them, and they do know it, and they feel it,” he explains. “My wife did a tattoo and challenged me to do it. I didn’t at first because I always felt, ‘Urrrgh it hurts’ and ‘I don’t have to do this to my skin’, and so on and so on.

“But it was her birthday and I thought it would be a good gift to her. So I had my wife and my kids’ names on my wrist, and it was not as painful as I thought. It was easy.

Mourinho also disclosed that he gets upset when a family or friend calls him arrogant.

“If people say I am an arrogant football manager, maybe they are not so wrong,” he muses. “These people don’t know me personally – they are not my friends, they are not my family.

“But if some family or some friends say I am arrogant, then I am upset. Because I am not an arrogant friend, I’m not an arrogant family member. I am soft.”

All we can say is it is great to have you as our manager. Such a special, yet so simple person. Thank you THE SPECIAL ONE.


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