Jose Mourinho Reacts On Pellegrini’s ‘Small Team’ Remark

Jose Mourinho Reacts On Pellegrini’s ‘Small Team’ Remark

We won’t say we were not expecting an angered reaction from Jose Mourinho after what a big-mouth Manuel Pellegrini blabbered last night about our team.

Pellegrini had said that Chelsea’s tactics were what he would expect from a “small team”, and Jose Mourinho responded angrily to those comments. The Chelsea manager told reporters:

“Many times he says he doesn’t speak about me or my team but he continues to do so. Don’t ask me about these words.”

Well said Jose. As George Carlin puts it,

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

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  1. PellegrIni statement is unprofessional it osa flimsy excuse bcos his team drew last week n lost thefirst. CL match. So he thought chelsea could be used as scape goat he is dreaming. Soif histeam had scored 3 or 4 goals by then chelsea would have played like a big team. He is frustrated he didn’t expect what he saw. Mourinhos tadtics is the best 4 he went purposefully 4 a draw or a win to play teams like Man City that is d best tactivs to use Mourinho knew it. N he used it n achieve the expected result

  2. un-profectional comments made by pele… who is he 2 afta all we draw wit dem ad dear hme side… we ar chelsea n wil always be shame on pele… wit his stupid comments.. a smle team oh let hm sort his mouth men..

  3. Pele is just a lucky man. He is not a manager. He found the train already rolling and jumped in. give him two more seasons and yu will see him looking miserable.
    To undermine someone’s tactics i think something too low for his status.
    He had his own tactics as a host manager bt they ddnt materialise. If he had mature tactics why then did he trail from behind to equlise?
    He was supposed to lead it since he had better and mature tactics

  4. Jose quote has said it all, never argue with an idiot cos he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. PellegrIni is a bunch of mistake for saying such. UP BLUES

  5. Small teams dont win Champions league n big coach’s win Champions league, jose is a big coach n chelsea is a big club in the world for the record u can never be like jose

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