Jose Mourinho: Confident and Carefree, but not Careless against Schalke 04

In the post match exclusive interview with Chelsea TV, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was far from being complacent and emphasized on the importance of winning at home and getting each point possible.

‘The group is dangerous and you need to get your points,’ said Mourinho. ‘If we can get points immediately, not like last season when we put ourselves in a pressure situation with a home defeat, obviously it’s better.


‘If the same thing happens as last season – lose the first game at home but after that be incredibly strong mentally, cope with the pressure, go and immediately win two matches away from home and put yourself back in a fantastic position – that’s fine.

‘But it’s dangerous. The match is at home, and when you lose them, it’s obviously a dangerous situation.’

Jose Mourinho seemed happy that his squad is in shape and fit for the big match.

‘When you have two days between games it is more difficult; when you have three days you have enough time to recover and to prepare for the match even in some little but important tactical aspects.

‘We are ready. We are in conditions to face a game of this dimension.’


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