José Blasts Liverpool Ethics

José doesn’t agree with Liverpool’s handling of Loic Remy’s medical

José Mourinho decided to bring in France and QPR Striker Loic Remy to Chelsea after the decision to move Fernando Torres on to AC Milan was finalized. He would make a good replacement it seemed, the only problem was his failed medical at Liverpool it seems. Mourinho however is unimpressed with the work Liverpool and their medical team did. Considering the fact that France medical team had already cleared him of any problems to play in the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil.

While Loic Remy is himself unable to understand why Liverpool decided to fail him in the medical, he has also been alleging them of dishonesty ever since moving to Stamford Bridge.

The following data sheds some light as to what his actual condition might be:

 EPL Season: 2013-14  Fernando Torres  Loic Remy
 Total Matches  28  26
 Goals Scored  5  14
Goals:Headers 1 3
Total Shots 61 90
 Shots on target  49%  49%
Shots in box 45 53

stats credit:

Every man and his dog can see that while Fernando Torres was fit enough to sign up for Milan (no slight intended for El Nino), then Loic Remy essentially is an upgrade to any striker at Chelsea last season. Furthermore the French FA’s medical team found him absolutely fit to play in the World Cup, hence his failure in the Lolpool medical was a media stunt of sorts. Period.

José Mourinho, therefore was right to have quoted this :

“We don’t have Liverpool’s report,”
“The final conclusion (of Chelsea’s medical) was the same conclusion that the France federation medical department had before the World Cup, which was that the player has no problems and can play football.


“If a player fails a medical it should be something very, very intimate, very personal between the player and the club.

“But the way almost every club does it, it looks like the medical is not any more a private situation.”

Trying to extract meaning from the special one’s statements has always been a favourite pass-time for journalists, but this one doesn’t need Newton’s brain to be understood. Arsenal were interested in Remy at the same time that Pool were, Remy fits the kind of profile Wenger likes, Cheap, Efficient and low-key. It could have been a good decoy to not allow them to sign such a talented, value for money striker. Morally it is unjust to tarnish the reputation and professional future aspects for anyone. As Mourinho put it, medicals are and should be personal, and as such what Liverpool did was unethical and unprofessional to say the least.

Mourinho does not like it, yet he doesn’t care. Because if he did he wouldn’t have bought Remy. Chelsea’s strike-force is well equipped for the season and Remy certainly is more than a bench-warming substitute. Much more!

Let’s hope we get a  Stamford Bridge debut for Remy today.


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