Good News all Around as Mourinho Goes for The Kill

Jose Mourinho’s press conference ahead of the Schalke clash brought lots of smiles for the Chelsea fans.

First and foremost, there are no injury worries. Thank God! The day had started with the news that Didier Drogba had an injury, but it seems he trained alongside the team and everything looks fine.

Official Chelsea FC even published the legend doing the training with the teammates.

There was involvement for @didierdrogba this morning…

Coming back to the Schalke clash, Mourinho looked very confident but far from being complacent.

‘They drew against Bayern Munich, obviously they lost their last match 4-1 but I don’t see that as a drama or having a consequence in the Champions League,’ said the manager.

‘In this moment it is a short competition of four teams for us, six matches. Everything is different.

‘I don’t see a relation between the fact they lost the last match. Probably it will make them stronger. Probably they can discuss the mistakes they made, they can try to have a different approach to be a better team and a difficult opponent.’

Jose wants to finish things in style at Chelsea and has emphasized that winning the tournament with three clubs will be great, and it will make him a part of Champions League history.

‘It doesn’t matter what competition we are in or who we are playing, we want to win every match. Our approach doesn’t change.’

‘Do I want to try to win it again? Of course I do, but at the moment I want us to get through the group phase.’

No interview today with the Chelsea boss could have gone without a talk about Eden Hazard’s new record breaking deal. Chelsea boss did not give any clear answers in this regard, though he pointed out that Eden Hazard is indispensable and that says a lot in itself.

‘Eden Hazard means a lot to us because he’s a fantastic player, we have big hopes he will become one of the best.’

We all think so Mr. Mourinho, good luck for the next game.



  1. Chelsea FC,
    GUDLUCK 4 Schalke match,
    u have an ability to challenge evry club of europe.
    I lov chelsea,i would lov to see u all coming to india especially Northeast india.
    Where sports, mainly futbol are growing rapidly.

    Gud luck wana see D.DROGBA scoring again.

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