Gary Cahill – Chelsea’s Most Underrated Player

He’s England’s new vice captain and has come a long way to get that honor. He’s a regular for Jose Mourinho’s first team squad along side the legend John Terry.At the age of 28 Gary Cahill has turned into one of Chelsea’s most prolific defenders.

On January 2012, when Chelsea Football Club purchased Gary Cahill for a mere £7 million from Bolton, little did any one know that he would play such an important part for the Club. On 5th February, Cahill made his debut against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. He made his appearances on the bench most of the time as an unused sub.

Quick, strong, good in the air, good on the ball and has proved himself against the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Strikers and Playmakers have their joy of attention, but defenders not so much, for Cahill he had to compete with England’s best defender John Terry and former blue David Luiz for a regular spot in the starting line-up. When he got his chances, he made good use of it showcasing his talent.

The Centre back also has an impressive goal-scoring record from defense. Former Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas said of Cahill:

“I think his technical attributes are immense and his pace is fantastic as well.”

Living in the shadow of the Legend John Terry has its downsides. The number 24 is rarely praised for his outstanding blocks and tackles. You might not find him headlining the papers for his performances.

Today the 6ft 4in defender has earned the respect of his manager and his defending partner John Terry. Terry in an interview said.

‘He’s a leader in the dressing room and on the training field, he sets an example on daily basis. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few of the shouts from him. ‘When you’re not performing well in training, he’s the first one to let you know.’

Speaking in his press conference before the game against Swansea Mourinho said:

“He’s a very mature player, “I think he’s in the best moment of his career.

“I think for England he is central defender they trust, and as vice-captain they know when he has the armband he will behave in the right way.”

There are some who believe that Cahill is the natural successor to John Terry as Chelsea captain, when his centre back partner retires, but he will face competition.The centre back is on the verge of singing a new deal with Chelsea; there are no points for guessing why Chelsea wants to keep this amazing talent.

Cahill has come a long way from being a benched player to a regular defender. It’s time this underrated player deserves to be recognized as one of the best defenders in England and at Chelsea Football Club.


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