Five Things We Learnt From Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

Aston Villa had a very good start to this season. Surely Christian Benteke was missed on the attacking front. However, Aston Villa were brilliant defensively with the display at Anfield being their highlight of the season. They did get hammered by the Gooners last weekend, but it was more of a case of illness and food poisoning.

So when they did visit the Bridge last afternoon, a stubborn defensive display with a threat on the counter-attack was expected from them. In a way, they were stubborn defensively when blues were unable to create much in the first half after Oscar’s strike.


However, our comfortable 3-0 win in the end says more about our brilliant attacking display compared to last season when we probably would have shared a point at most in this kind of matches. I guess having a real striker and Cesc Fabregas has it perks.

As the blues were able to enjoy a comfortable victory in the end, let’s have a look at five things we learned from Staurday’s game.

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