Financial Fairplay Gives Manchester United an Unfair Advantage; Claims Mourinho

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has claimed that financial fair play gives a clear advantage to teams like Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid over Chelsea Football Club, as these club have stayed at the top of their respective leagues many years and have fan following across the world.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are focussing on adhering to the financial fair play and are trying to earn as much profit as possible from the transferred business, unlike big spending clubs like Machester United and Real Madrid.

Speaking to Yahoo Sport, he said,

“Chelsea at the moment is not a spender… [we are] making more money in transfers than the money we spend,” Mourinho told Eurosport-Yahoo.

When UEFA decided for Financial Fair Play they were trying to do this to make every team [have] equal possibilities.

But the reality is that the big teams, the big clubs, the clubs with more years at the top with more fan base around the world, with more income, are the players that keep being the big spenders.

So Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester (United)—all these huge teams, I think they have an advantage.

But at Chelsea we are so happy with the way we are doing things, with this great balance between the income and the money we can spend.

We are so happy with that profile of club we are, we don’t want to change.


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