Everything is Fine for Diego Costa in London Except Just One Thing

Diego Costa is almost happy in London. Almost? Yes, you heard it right. Everything is going fine for him. London is a fine place to be, and when you are consistently delivering high-quality performance, there is nothing Diego should be worried about. However, there is a small problem.

As quoted by HITC,

“Everything is going well for me on the football side of things – but the weather…”

Costa paused to laugh before continuing to AS: “Jose Mourinho’s great, I get on well with him; there’re no problems at all.”

Costa was heavily criticized for not performing up to the expectations of the fans during the world cup. However, he has left that performance behind and insisted that he has moved on.

“What happened is history now,” he said. “Sometimes you win, and other times you lose – that’s football. We have to put it behind us and look forward to the future. With the national team we have, we could have gone much further in the tournament, or even won it but it wasn’t to be.”

He added:

“It’s very important that the coach counts on me, and I am determined to do everything as best as I can so that I can continue coming here.

“I’ve got a point to prove; to play well and score.”


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