Dissecting the “RESPECT” theory being taught by Roberto Martinez


Respect is not something that you simply give and take. Respect is something that you earn. Respect, in fact, is something that you deserve for your great actions on and off the field. And if that is the case Mr. Roberto Martinez, you sure need to reconsider your comment  over “DISRESPECTFUL” Diego Costa.

Let’s remind ourselves of Mr. Martinez’s preaching first, and then we will get into the nitty-gritty of the respect that his team deserved in the epic match of football played at Goodison Park. Here is what Roberto Martinez had to say.

There are certain foreign players who come to the Premier League who need to understand the ethics and the culture,” Everton boss Martinez told reporters. “The behavior in the British game is unique. The last thing you want to see is disrespect from a player to another player and I am sure he will learn that very quickly.

Well said! Very well Mr. Manager, but before we start applauding you over your “GREAT THOUGHTS & WISDOM”, let’s have a look at the situation below.

During the match, Kevin Mirallas stamped over Cesc Fabregas’s arms. We could clearly deduce how very respectful of Kevin Mirallas (from Belgium) to be stamping and crushing Cesc Fabregas’s arms and how disrespectful of Fabregas (one of our foreign players of course) to be politely diffusing the situation without making any fuss. Bravo! Your foreign players are sure putting up nice examples to be followed by hundreds of other foreign players in the league Mr. Martinez.

Tell me one good reason why Diego Costa should not have reacted when your players continuously tried to provoke him throughout the match. Jose Mourinho summarized it beautifully,

“To be chasing cards against a player who once more had good behavior and was just here to play football is disappointing”.

Yes, sure it is. The faster you and your players understand that, the better. Perform to earn respect. Don’t ask respect just because you play in the English Premier League.
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  1. We may also phase when Coleman was caught on camera knobbing, irritating and provoking Costa before and after ref had tried to diffuse the situation.Martinez comments are very select ib and unjust as per his standards.

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