Should have Committed Foul to Stop Schalke: Jose Mourinho

Taking one for the team has never been considered unethical and has been expected as a good thing to do for defenders all over the world. Jose Mourinho suggesting the same to stop the counter attack that terminated into Schalke scoring an equalizer is hence not surprising at all.

All coaches suggest that as a defense routine, only Jose has courage to speak up.

“From my position I can’t say that (it was a foul).” Jose Mourinho added.

“They scored 1-1 in a counter-attack situation. We made two mistakes.

“One was not to make a foul immediately when they recovered the ball and we had a chance for that.

“The other one was the fact I told my players 20 times Draxler wants to come inside for his right foot and in a situation inside the box we have to press his right foot. It was also a mistake in the box.

“After that situation only one team tried to win and only one team had so many chances to win the game in a short period of time.

“In the last 15 minutes Remy could score, John Terry could score, Hazard could score.

“We had so many great situations. Again, that’s football. To defend like they did is also football.

“A good point for them. Not a fantastic point for us, but a point.”

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