Chelsea Players Treat Me Differently Now, says Andre Schurrle

Performers always get the respect they deserve, and Andre Schurrle is no exception. After winning world cup and being labelled as the super sub at such a young age, he was bound to get more respect in the Chelsea dressing room.

“Your standing [within the team] changes quite a bit,” said Schurrle, who has scored one goal in two Premier League games this season.


“When I returned to Chelsea, I noticed that players treated me differently. One becomes more self-confident.

“My standing has changed in that way and I feel better during training sessions. You know that you can score important goals yourself.” (Source: TheSportReview)

The 23-year-old says that he has enjoyed a big self-confidence boost since this summer’s tournament in Brazil.



  1. I like him very much.But sometimes he is too selfish on the ball.He shud think of the team first n den himself. He can win the best assist dis yr If he supplies Costa the balls.Don’t b selfish my boi.

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