Chelsea Midfielder Admits He Didn’t Play Well; Promises a Comeback

Chelsea midfielder has admitted that the team was not able to perform as expected in the first half of the game against Swansea City. However, he also praised the teammates for making a big comeback by the second half.

In an exclusive interview with Chelsea FC, Namja Matic was vey straightforward with his replies and showed confidence that things will be better by next match.

‘It was very difficult after they scored the first goal, we had some difficulties in the first half playing our game, playing the way we know,’ said the Serbian.

‘It was good for us to score in the last minute of the first half and in the second half we started to play our football.

‘We scored another three goals, which isn’t easy against a strong team like Swansea and we are very happy. We scored a lot of goals again and that’s good for us.

‘The coach will prepare some videos to show us where we made mistakes, we didn’t play very well in the first half and we will try to improve that. We have to play every game like we did in the second half.’

Four wins from four is of course the ideal way to have started the season, and although Matic believes the confidence within the group is high, there are tough challenges to come over the next seven days.

‘It’s very important to win every game if it’s possible,’ he said. ‘We’ve started very well, we have 12 points, we have confidence but we know the league has just started, there are a lot of games to go until the end.

‘Now we have a Champions League game and Man City away so it’s going to be interesting.’

Diego Costa will undoubtedly grab the headlines after his three goals took his early season tally to seven, and Matic paid tribute to the work the striker does for the benefit of the team all over the pitch.

‘Diego is very important for us, he’s a great striker, he scored three goals and that’s why Chelsea bought him,’ said Matic.

‘I hope he will continue to score goals; he works very hard on the pitch, not only offensively but defensively as well.’ Source: Chelsea FC



  1. I acknowledge his courage for admitting that he didn’t play well to expection in the first 30minute which resulted to the own goal we conceeded. I think matic is a fantastic player I really can’t wait 4him 2add up more quality 2his game.

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